What is the best hardware wallet?

I have been invested in the crypto market for a little while with small amounts, but now that I’m starting to get a sizable chunk of crypto and seeing everything that has happened with Celsius, Voyager etc. I want to move my crypto to a hardware wallet so that I am in control of my crypto.

I’ve looked into some hardware wallet like ledger and trezor, and they all seem pretty much the same, are there any major differences to them? Is one of them more secure or easier to use than the other?

I had a look at the ledger website and the prices ranged from ~70$ to ~150$ depending on which model you wanted, is it worth it so spend a little extra for the more expensive options or is that unnecessary?

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  1. Ledger or Trezor are your top hardware wallets.

    Whether they’re “worth it” is ultimately up to you.

    How much is it worth to you to keep your crypto safe? How about during the next bull run when your bags 5-10x?

    Many of us think it’s worth it. But in the end it’s your choice. It’s your coin.

  2. Ledger or Trevor. They’re not the cheapest but have a whole slew of features and are widely used by people on this sub.

    Edit: Trezor lol, my autocorrect is not happy with this.

  3. I just picked up a Nano S Plus. I didn’t feel like paying $70 premium for BT even though I have an iPhone. I will be transacting only a couple of times a month, if at that.

    BitBox2 is nice too, so is Trezor.

  4. I’ve been in crypto since like 2013 and JUST recently got a Ledger. Happy with how easy it is to use. Haven’t plugged it in since I set everything up a few months ago. I DCA BTC into wallet every week via SwanBTC. Once ETH2 goes live and I can pull stake out of Coinbase, I’ll send to Ledger and stake there. Outside of that, only money left online will be for trading account that I’m trying to grow with what’s there.

    I’d say it’s unnecessary to spend for the more expensive version. If you are just investing and wishing to store the “blue chip” cryptos, cheaper version is all you need.

  5. After looking over the comments and doing a bit of research myself, I’ve decided to go with a ledger nano S plus, this is for a couple of reasons.

    • Ledger is one of the most used hardware wallets out there with a good track record, making it more trustworthy than other wallets.

    • Ledger has support for more coins than other wallets.

    • Ledger has a great UI and is generally user-friendly, making it easier to use.

    • The nano S plus has more memory, allowing me to store more cryptocurrencies at a time than with a nano S.

    • I don’t need the Bluetooth capabilities of the nano X because I will only be using it a couple times a month.

    • One thing to note is that Ledger isn’t open source, and this is a dealbreaker to many, but personally with the track record that they have I don’t think that Ledger will do anything malicious.

  6. I like the new Nano S plus. The X has more functionality like Bluetooth, but I don’t actually need that.

    Trezor also a fine pick, I prefer Ledger myself.

  7. Ledger Nano X.


    BitBox02 (or BTC edition).

    Pick one, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Just make sure you read up and are aware of how they function and the importance of keeping your seed phrase secure.

  8. I have a ledger x. The $150 option buys you Bluetooth integration. It’s a nice feature but not a must have. Where it makes a difference is when you use your ledger on a smartphone or tablet. While I’m sure they’re ways to hookup usb devices to. Mobile devices, the Bluetooth pairing is easy and convienient at least on iPhone. I typically use Bluetooth when I use mobile/phone and the usb c connect to a desktop.

  9. Good question by OP, I am looking for same advise too. Has anyone got any insight on **D’Cent Wallet** too? This was my third option on the list but still can’t decide. I believe D’Cent is from S Korea and apparently they have official Store on Amazon. Amazon link through their official wbsite obviously as you don’t want it from some random seller.

  10. I had a ledger and replaced with a Grid +. Their card system is a really nice way to keep backups without phrases and the UX offered is much better due to a much larger touchscreen.

    They also have configurable anti tampering options. I have mine off from the 5 tries and it bricks your unit option since I I have kids. Ledger does give you mobility

  11. Anyone have issues with the battery completely losing its charge while stashed in your safe? If it does do you have to rebuild everything from your seed phrases? I’m not talking a couple of months but what if your HODL strategy was to toss it on a shelf for a year? Also, after more than a few months you will surely have to update any apps required. I had a Ledger inexplicably fail during an update and it required me re-entering my seed phrase to restore it. It worked and I’m still not convinced it was user error on my part but it WAS highly stressful.

  12. Safepal for me. I got the old ledger nano and it only lets me put a few tokens on it before it’s run out of memory space.

  13. Ledger. Its easy to use and enables pretty much everything you’d want. Though you have to keep in mind that hardware wallet wont protect you if you sign shady txs or know how to properly protect the seed.


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