What do I still need to learn?

Hello there people of reddit.

I have been in crypto since the end of 2017. I have educated myself since then, though there were times I read less or was interested in something else entirely. There are still numerous things I could read more about and there are probably more things I should reread again.

I believe that since the beginning of 2020 in particular, I have read too little about projects and the underlying technology. While I was aware of my lack of knowledge, I still didn’t motivate myself enough to actually catch up.

So… I have read “Mastering Bitcoin”, watched the Gensler lectures on blockchain technology and have read the occasional article here and there as well as a handful of whitepapers.

What can you recommend me guys to increase my knowledge regarding blockchain? I do not care wether it be books or specific projects you recommend me to research online.

Thank you all!

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20 thoughts on “What do I still need to learn?”

  1. Depends on what you want to learn about. There are a lot of innovations happening, but it’s mostly the variety where you throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Or maybe you’d want to learn on different ways projects try to utilise their technology, or maybe on the user participation in decisions or decentralised decision making… Learning about the blockchain in detail sounds more of a technical direction, and you could definitely look at that too.

    Most people want to know how to earn the most, though. Eh, I guess.

  2. NFA:-

    Try “The Infinite Machine” Camilo Russo

    Any talks from Silvio Micali

    If you are clued up on Bitcoin and subsequently Blockchain principals then this is a good way to get back to the fundamental growth and how it’s going. Not promoting anything, there are tons of advancements but my opinion own from what you’ve asked.

    The relating foundations can then be a good source guide (in my opinion) 👌🏼

  3. Listen to these two episodes of the Bankless podcast:

    The Crypto Renaissance, and The Crypto Revolution

    Many other episodes are worthwhile, but everyone in this space should listen to these two episodes.

  4. Well learning never stops,

    But in crypto I’m not sure if i have started learning,it is improving day by day, hard to keep up with the speed.

  5. We all continuously learn throughout our lifetimes. It’s about adapting to new markets. I personally wasn’t the biggest fan of NFTs and DAOs. But I had to learn and adapt to survive the market and be profitable. Likewise, who knows what will be next?

  6. I recommend watching the interview between Lex Friedman and Charles Hoskinson. That’s a good start. After that, he also has interviews with Vitalik Buterin.

  7. I have also been studying since 2017, but I am retaking the class again from 2021.

    I can’t seem to get the sell high and take profits part right.

  8. Economic problems faced by blockchains which makes blockchains nearly unusable for commercial purpose.

    Just read six page Saito’s whitepaper and you will be fascinated by the idea.

  9. Do you want to learn how to use different projects, or just know what they are about? Skynet offers a fully free way to use decentralized storage from the Sia network, and it’s easy to just upload a file and get a link. Akash makes it easy, with the Akashlytics Deploy Tool, to deploy things such as Minecraft servers or miners using already-made templates. Mysterium makes it easy to use their network for VPN. None of these projects require steep learning curves or expensive prices for you to try them out, give it a try 🙂

  10. Blockchain technology and investment strategy are two different things. Don’t think you can understand the crypto market

  11. 1) Everything is good for Bitcoin.

    2) Few understand.

    3) Strap on for a wild ride and pray not to get scammed.

  12. Knowing how things work technically is one thing.

    I think experience is what teaches you when to sell and how more experienced traders react. When to take profits. How farming tokens work price wise and what people say why utility is needed.

    A crypto can be the best crypto ever, but if it is structured so that people sell the newly minted tokens instead of keeping them then you won’t have the price action you would expect.

  13. That no one knows jack shit here and we are all stupid. The higher the moon count the less you should value our opinion.


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