What crypto youtubers are you watching?

Hi all,

To be honest many years ago I used to watch more crypto youtubers, can’t even remember their channel names right now, getting old (lol). At the moment I do only watch CryptoRus sometimes and it also depends of the subject of each live stream, in general he’s doing great work, but one person is not able to know everything, that’s why I started wondering and I wanted to ask you guys as maybe I may be missing some important newses. Is there anyone worth to watch/follow? Who would you recommend in terms of crypto talks and general/daily newses from crypto world?

I appreciate every comment!

edit. So many comments, I can’t even reply to you all, thanks you so much 🙂

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31 thoughts on “What crypto youtubers are you watching?”

  1. None. I don’t see what they could tell me at this point in the market. Not looking to jump in new projects, on a DCA schedule, they’d just make me FOMO into some shitcoin.

  2. None. Used to watch quite a few and they were saying “you need 10000 VET before X date” and then knew they were shilling their own bags. Ben Cowen is good but I’ve stopped watching them entirely to focus on learning how to do my own research and fully understand anything myself before it gets $1 of my money.

  3. What Bitcoin Did has had some very deep and well produced discussions in the past couple months, great macro discussions with wise speakers like Jeff Snider and Dan Weintraub.

    For moonboys, gotta love TylerS. He’s my favorite cocaine monkey, but he’d rather not post than deliver bad news. Only big green arrows on twitter

    If you just want someone to read Cointelegraph and give a perspective from years of living through it, The Modern Investor is juicy and daily, and rather friendly too.

    But if you want to really get into S&P trading/charts/micro with a sick production value, check out TheMaverickOfWallstreet. He reviews the entire market and laughs haaaaard at Bitcoin, but he’s a real champ and holds the damn mirror to America’s elite. His voice is the only trad-market voice worth listening to. The Maverick is better than television.

  4. Coinbureau and Coffeezilla.
    Alex Becker for entertainment. His roasts usually have a point. It should be clear that you shouldn’t buy on the advice of a guy who is mostly shouting profanities. That’s like taking a comedian as a news channel.

  5. 1. **Benjamin Cowen** should be on your radar. Absolutely ZERO cringe content and pure analysis.
    2. **Coin Bureau** from the UK also produces good, non hype content. Although some cringey thumbnails.

    CryptoRUs makes a lot of click bait, so I avoid him.

    **One to avoid like the plague:**

    Bitboy – cringe and clickbait content. Hypes up his own small cap coins. Dumps his bags on his followers.

  6. CryptosRus was on a shill list fyi that leaked onto twitter last year, as in he turned out to be paid by certain crypto projects to talk them up, he even charged in fiat not even in crypto..

    Personally I’m watching Benjamin Cowen who is much more reasonable, but can be and has been wrong sometimes too, but he is probably one of the few if not only non-hype, calculated and honest crypto youtubers out there.

    And am watching Ivan on tech, even though he was on that shill list as well unfortunately, but he did managed to absolutely nail the end of the prior run, so I suppose he’s still been somewhat useful

    But next time you’re proud of being a “george”, keep in mind that he’s been selling out and screwing his “georges” over for years

  7. None. I used to watch Sheldon Evans, but he shilled Luna a lot and after the incident, I stopped watching him

    Edit: I checked his channel and it looks like he deleted his videos about Luna lol

  8. None, used to watch James at investanswers. The biggest Luna and solana shill, not worth being in the echo chamber honestly

  9. Not really ‘YouTubers’ but The Daily Gwei and Bankless have been an infinite source of information for me, I have learned so so much through these two sources alone.

    Used to watch coinbureau but I was really disappointed with a few inaccuracies in a recent video about the Ethereum merge, so I’m a bit wary of them now.

    Finematics is an excellent source too, for learning the workings of consensus mechanisms, defi, AMMs, I recommend that channel.

  10. I only watch Daniel Muvdi because he talks about incoming important world economics dates and summarizes some interesting news. The other parts I don’t watch them.

  11. Mostly Digital Asset News, Into the Cryptoverse, CTO Larsson & Coin Bureau… just to get an idea of what’s happening…

  12. None, they are all clickbait, the world is ending, oh check out this micro cap BSC gem 100000x potential and I quit my job because of this trick bull shit!

  13. It’s all the same
    >”Not a financial advisor”

    >*Reads pointless tweets*

    > *reads news article*

    >*Makes feel good predictable claims*

    >”to the moon”


    >nothing is gained

  14. Bankless, Daily Gwei: pretty much always because I’m also an ETH tech maxi

    Finematics, Whiteboard Crypto, Coin Bureau: whenever the topic interests me

    Coffezilla: entertainment about how most crypto YT wants to fuck your asshole

  15. I really like /u/spacedesignwarehouse dude is really
    Open about his successes and failures. He does really good videos and is arguably one of the best crypto YouTubers who doesn’t shill.

    Also they use Reddit too

  16. Benjamin Cowen (intocryptoverse) is the least sexy, most honest and simply best channel out there. Absolutely no shilling BS, just data.


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