What are your thoughts on Render token?

So Render token was on Coinbase Earn a few weeks ago, and it has peaked my interest a bit.

Essentially the aim is to build a network that utilises idle GPU power to render for graphic designers/developers etc, and in return you get render tokens for whoring out your graphics card.

Exactly how this work, I have no idea. Although the concept does appeal to me. That said, it also whiffs a bit of a “good idea in practice, shitcoin in reality.”

Anyway I’m prob going to drop some pocket money on it and see how things go. I was wondering what the sub thinks about Render?

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10 thoughts on “What are your thoughts on Render token?”

  1. pc games are shifting to browser and are streamed to you, so you do not need to have a high end gpu in your system. the gpu power still has to come from somewhere and this is one aspect that i think render can shine in the future.

  2. Honestly don’t know anything more then what the Coinbase Earn provided… and to be honest, it didn’t interest me enough to look further into it either.

    Mine is already converted to ETH xD

  3. It sounded somewhat interesting. I wonder if there’s actually a target customer, though. My guess is that people who can’t afford a lot of render hardware can afford to wait for jobs to finish, and those that need quick renders can afford to buy their own stuff.

    But you never know. I always hold my learn and earn tokens, just in case.

  4. So you’re giving out some GPU to farm a coin. I’ve heard it somewhere…. Hmmm wasn’t there a coin already doing this called BITCOIN?

  5. Signed up thinking maybe it’ll be an option after Eth goes PoS, but they haven’t gotten back to me so I don’t know what their pay rate is yet. The concept seems promising, if the pay rate is sufficient to make it profitable.

  6. I personally liked the concept. Kept my learn and earn with that one. I generally switch them out for something else like eth, but not this one.

  7. Not something I have a use for, but I’m open that there may be a market for such a thing.


    I was thinking the entire time though, why not put your idle time into mining for a better return?


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