What are the Current Returns on DeFi Investments? – Any Suggestions Welcome!

Trying to assess what returns are like at the moment for DeFi investments.

1. Any projects that are worth checking out?
2. How much are you earning with DeFi and which projects?
3. How volatile are the returns?
4. Whats the risk?
5. How much to get started?

Assuming there will be a range of different answers to the main question, would be interesting to compare how much everyone is earning.

I’ve read some stuff about DeFi but definitely not an expert.

Saw some stuff promising insane APY % and it got me interested.

As I said I don’t know all that much about DeFi so try to explain in laymans terms if at all possible, thanks!

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6 thoughts on “What are the Current Returns on DeFi Investments? – Any Suggestions Welcome!”

  1. Osmosis.zone should be worth doing a deep dive on.

    You can join their telegram from following the link on their main website and they will guide you along happily.

    You’ll need ATOM to get started and it will get you access to various airdrops and staking in fairly low risk (from a crypto point of view) excellent projects with very high APR paid in OSMO tokens.

    You can use this platform to onboard into JUNO and Junoswap as well which another user mentioned.

    The only thing missing from this ecosystem in my opinion is WBTC and WETH but that’s coming very soon.

    If you want to LP or take part in DeFi I would put AVAX and Trader Joe in a close second but the APRs aren’t quite as sexy and they seem to have more shitcoin projects but there is WBTC and WETH so that’s what I use trader Joe for.

  2. Recently Sundaeswap made farming available on their DEX. Sundaeswap is a brand new DEX that launched on Cardano and is also one of two that launched since the Alonzo hard fork in 2021.

    Right now the farming rewards on the top three pools are 186%.

  3. It’s an irrelevant question… some shit project with 1000% interest today but we all know it’ll be dead in a month or somebody could have a great 40% yield on a solid project that’s growing in price.

  4. Maybe try anchor protocol on terra. Stable coin with 20% interest. Use the aUST you receive to short farm on mirror and you can have 40% ish in total. Low risk, nice returns.

  5. Yeah, someone shill me something you recently did a shit ton of research on so I can ignorantly make money off if it. No seriously, please, I’m dumb and I need an edge.


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