What are some ways you got scammed or someone you know got scammed out of their crypto?

Share your personal experience or of people you know who got scammed so we can be aware of the different ways out there. Hoping this post will help others not get scammed.

So here’s my story:

The first time I got scammed was when I was investing in BSCPAD. This is only a few months after I got into crypto. To get an allocation and get into the whitelist I had to go to their official telegram page. That’s where they share the link for the whitelist. There are thousands of people in the group and scammers feed on those involved. You get a random private message all the time with scams. I was fully aware of it but I still fell for one.

So what happened was I was waiting to a coin to be released and get an allocation. These guys want you to be fast and usually there are competitions where the first ones to comment will get special allocation. While I was waiting to jump in, I get a message that looked exactly like the official telegram. It said private allocation is now open, click here to claim yours. Minimum buy is 0.1 BNB.

So I see the link and it looked legit. It was [bscpad.com/\[something\]]( I don’t remember what it was but I saw [bscpad.com]( and I trusted it. Little did I know that the hyperlink under the link you send to someone on telegram can be changed. So even if it’s [bscpad.com](, if you click it, it can take you to some other website. I clicked on the link and it was an exact copy of the legit site. Shocking! I didn’t take the time to verify the address that was showing in my browsers address bar.

So since I thought I had a limited time to buy this coin, I quickly connected my metamask and sent $300 worth of BNB. Usually some of these projects do 10x to 100x if you buy them before IDO. After I transfer it , I was waiting for a feedback. I got none. I thought I’ll wait a few minutes, then I go back and check the telegram and I realize it was a private message and it wasn’t an official account. I check the link and it was a different link from what I had clicked on. I think to myself shit, there’s no way I got scammed.

I go back to the scammers link and sure enough it was a different address showing on my address bar. All the social media links on the website was non-responsive. It was only an image and just dummy buttons. Sneaky bastards! I will never see those $300 again. Always double, triple, quadruple check the links you’re clicking on even if it looks legit!

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10 thoughts on “What are some ways you got scammed or someone you know got scammed out of their crypto?”

  1. I let someone talk me into buying crypto near the ATH, then selling when it dropped. It was me. I scammed myself. I don’t listen to me anymore.

  2. I knew a lot of people from one of my old gaming communities who got fucked by the mt gox hack.

    I think they got some of it clawed back eventually?

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  4. A scammer leaks his real seed phrase and wallet address online, it contains non erc20 tokens. The trap is that you think if you transfer in eth for gas fees you can withdraw all the tokens and steal their crypto, but a bot auto withdraws any eth before you can steal.

  5. Bull run manic I knew, went head long into a pre-dumpster fire memecoin. They knew full well it was just a vapourware pump and dump but they honestly thought they were early and could ride the wave……needless to say they were wrong.

  6. Probably won’t count as a “scam” but I lost 0.5 ETH in cred bankruptcy several years ago because they did a bunch of shady shit. It was back when I first started and I used uphold. They were a partner service to them.

    Still hurts

  7. When I was first experimenting with nfts I fell for a look alike mint site that drained my wallet. Luckily I always do those transactions from a wallet with only the amount I plan to spend but still lost $100 in SOL.

  8. A friend of mine was convinced about some pump and dump Discord server. His enthusiasm got the best of me. We joined, and although I had my suspicions from the start, I invested a small amount. Looking back on it the red flags were major. First of all, during the actual pumping and dumping users were not permitted to talk on the server, only the admins would send out messages. Saying dumb shit like “Keep buying guys, the pump is coming in a second. Give it some time.” And another huge red flag was the fact that the coin which they chose had already seen a significant rise only an hour before they told their Discord about it. Scammed me out of a couple of bucks and learned a lesson the hard way. It was some dumbass shitcoin with extreme low cap that they could easily manipulate. My friend felt really bad for days afterwards. I didn’t blame him for it. I won back the money tenfold on another coin pretty soon after so for me it wasn’t a big deal.


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