What are all the NFT launchpads across chains?

I found Magic Eden NFT launchpad on Solana pretty interesting. It lets creators to upload their arts and create a NFT collection to mint for the public without any technical knowhow. It is similar to FTX NFT where some of the large brands and franchises have launched their NFT project.

Curious if there are other NFT launchpad on all major chains? I was not able to google any of them on Ethereum. Thought these launchpads could be very critical for new chain to bootstrap NFT projects and bringing the NFT community over their chain.

If anyone know these NFT launchpads especially the ones open sourced on github. Please share

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2 thoughts on “What are all the NFT launchpads across chains?”

  1. I like the freedom of crypto and NFT but every people being able to create they NFT collection is exactly what is “killing” the NFT market.


    Too much no sense projects, with no utility and scams


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