Weth sent to netcoins exchange

Hi, I’m trying to help my friend out who sent some of his weth to his eth address with netcoins. A Canadian crypto exchange, they don’t currently support weth and he was hoping he could get that weth sent back to him.

Has anyone used netcoins before or know if this is a possibility?

[shows the weth made it to his account](

If anyone could help out here or give us any clarity of what can be done that would be amazing. My friend is absolutely distraught and I figured I’d come to you guys to ask if it’s possible to get it back.

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5 thoughts on “Weth sent to netcoins exchange”

  1. Write to the support of the exchange, only they can answer it.

    In many cases the funds are lost when sending unsupported token or on wrong networks to exchanges though.

  2. One of three things will happen:

    1. The support staff will be knowledgeable enough to be able to send him his coins back. Your friend will have to bear transaction fees
    2. The support staff will not be able to send his tokens back but when the exchange themselves list the token, at that time your friend will see that his WETH shows up in his account
    3. The coins are lost forever with no way to be sent back

  3. Assuming only they have the seedphrase for that address, if they don’t support WETH then they “can’t” do anything for now. This happened to some people back then with other exchanges iirc.


    Unless the customer support goes out of their way to recover it for you, best you can do for now is wait for them to support WETH.

  4. If it’s an eth address controlled by that exchange, the WETH is definitely “in their possession.” It’s not as if weth goes somewhere special, it’s just another token in that account.

    Any decent exchange should make the effort to send it back. Accounting probably wouldn’t like it when they try to book income “customer verifiably gave us $20k but didn’t use the right deposit slot so it’s ours now.”

    I wouldn’t assume it’ll be quick though. Non-standard transactions probably have to go through a one-off process. I’d say most likely he’ll be able to get it back, eventually. If you’re lucky within a few days.


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