We’re dealing with a worldwide hunger pandemic that’s killing off millions of children while rich CEO’s Deepak Thapliyal show us $23.7M is better spend on a pixilated NFT

I know I know. Rich people spend millions all the time, but when we are facing a worldwide child hunger crises that is far surpassing the annual 3,000,000 child hunger deaths we had pre-virus, giving this guy Clout in the media is a FK’N Travesty.

That’s just one clip from dozens of articles we see everyday in dozens of countries.

Now, I’m not trying to push sob stories here, it’s really the poor principles we let run wild in today’s world.

You have to think about this stuff. Start talking more about it, and inform as many as possible that our choices on who to champion have to change, and it’s better to do whatever you can to make life better as a whole for everyone else. I’m not talking miracles here. Just help when you can. See your neighbors trash can tipped over, pick it up. See a car broke down on the side of the road. Stop. At least 100 cars drive by someone broken down before someone stops. Most of those people driving by will say “ah.. they’ll be fine. Someone will stop for them”.

That’s just the point. There’s not enough people stopping to help out.

the end.

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41 thoughts on “We’re dealing with a worldwide hunger pandemic that’s killing off millions of children while rich CEO’s Deepak Thapliyal show us $23.7M is better spend on a pixilated NFT”

  1. I sponsor a child through world vision its only $576 a year not much to me but it sends her to school and helps with food she sends me drawings she does at school every now and then and says thank you it gives you a very rewarding feeling well worth it more people should do it if the can afford to.

  2. > . See your neighbors trash can tipped over, pick it up.

    But I was the one who tipped it over. If I pick it up, it would be so counterproductive.

  3. Oh you innocent 1st world citizens. Thinking that giving money to children will solve the world hunger.

    Most of the 3rd world is either run by criminals or warlords, whatever donations are given to the “children” will eventually end up in the wrong hands.

  4. I don’t give a fuck about Somalia. OP probably doesn’t either. The difference between OP and me is that I don’t pretend to give a fuck about Somalia for Reddit karma.

  5. Braaavvvvooo 👌

    You do not necessarily have to do great things to make the world a better place.

    We can make life more beautiful for ourselves and others with the same things we can do

  6. Why don’t you start a business and earn millions of dollars and donate it to what you want instead of blaming a guy – employing alot of people – for spending some of his money on what he wants to spend it on?

    Why are people so busy telling others how to spend their money?

  7. How are those children yours or his responsibility?

    It starts with the parents. Then grandparents. Cousins. Aunts. Uncles. ..Then neighbours.

    ..How on Earth could you blame someone living on another continent?

  8. Despite knowing that there are children starving in the world I bet you won’t donate any money to any organization that might help them, but you’ll instead continue to DCA into your favorite crypto. We like the idea of the super wealthy helping the poor, but the common degenerate couldn’t care less to actually do something about it. “Our $50 contribution doesn’t move the needle so much, so let’s bitch about the wealthy flaunting their obscene wealth instead.”

    You don’t care about the poor. You just hate the rich.

  9. So you regular donate a significant % of your income to world hunger OP?

    If you think transferring wealth from richer countries or people to poorer countries or people will solve world hunger, you’re dead wrong.

    Stop being jealous someone is in a better financial position than you and getting yourself all worked up with how evil you think they are.

    You’re here for riches like everyone else, you just haven’t achieved it yet. Bitter much?

    What narrative are you trying to construct around those with more wealth than you?

    Build your own wealth and do what you want with it.

    You have no idea what that CEO does with his vast millions. Buying an NFT or pissing away his money on a Ferrari or whatever he wants doesn’t preclude him for also doing good things with his wealth. Not that he needs to do anything particularly “good” with his wealth. Why put that on anyone, anyway?

    You have no idea what sort of person he is.

    You have a lot to learn if you think all rich people are evil scum. Grow up.

  10. Would you be saying this if he bought $23.7m worth of whatever shitcoin you’ve been dumping your life savings into because a YouTube video told you it’s going to flip ethereum?

  11. While I get what’s happening in Somalia is a terrible tragedy it’s his money to do with what he wants. Am I obligated to donate to charity or give money to the homeless whenever I get my paycheck?

    This narrative of bashing rich people who splurge on art or NFTs or other useless things is getting old. Don’t worry about what they do.

    That being said I get your point that we should help whenever we can even if it’s as trivial as picking up a turned over trash can or even just picking up after ourselves to keep the streets clean.

  12. It’s hilarious how A. People feel the need to tell others how to spend their money and B. That throwing money at a situation fixes it

  13. You could donate those 1.88K moons if you want to help,

    People will spend their money how they please and they’re entitled to do so, they did earn it.

  14. I mean you could also donate any money you have left after having your basic necessities met. Think about those hungry kids in Africa.

  15. Yep and the problem is people keep saying it’s this or that or some rich guy making tons of money instead of doing something about it. Make a go fund me and start doing something. Hey you never know maybe one of those rich guys might donate but they certainly won’t with your attitude.

  16. I mean its his money. If you feel bad for hungry people then go give them your own money. Most likely you will still be fine if you donate some 20% of your monthly paycheck. It’s not like your body needs videogames, netflix, internet, non-essential food etc. Damn hypocrites.

  17. Will you be making a post on r/kids next complaining that while we are in a worldwide hunger pandemic children aren’t cleaning their plates at dinnertime?

  18. Because people help so much for past 50+ years, combined with corporate greed is why most of African continent can not stand on its own two legs.

    We kill all entrepreneur need to make it in business and employ people.

    Why would someone gather his mates and invest into a farm when most of his neighbors get food by air freight. Except when they don’t, then you get famine.

    Or when they decided to start killing of white farners: [https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/16/world/africa/South-Africa-murder-protests.html#:~:text=A%202017%20government%20survey%20found,from%20African%20inhabitants%20generations%20ago](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/16/world/africa/South-Africa-murder-protests.html#:~:text=A%202017%20government%20survey%20found,from%20African%20inhabitants%20generations%20ago).

    Guess what happens when you get control of a large, complicated endeavor that you have NO idea how to operate. Not just machinery, but irrigation , seeds, crops – million things. Yes fight for your rights, but don’t out right kill people that produce vast majority of food for your continent.

    Corporations own most of land and mining rights thanks to corrupt politicians.
    Companies like Nestle and Samsung own private army’s. Highly trained soldiers defending workers from competition and stopping revolts at same time.

    It is a LOT more complicated then just – send them money.

    We need to leave them alone and help them work out their own problems.
    You need machinery ? Gotcha.
    Seeds ? No problemo.
    Engineers or other educated people that could assist ? We can do that.

    We can help them help them selfs. Not do the work for them. It doesn’t work.

  19. Wonder how long capitalism has been letting this happen? Got to be pushing up to those scary made up communism numbers soon, but actually killing that number.

  20. If they fixed this then they couldnt tell people „work hard and you‘ll get there as well“..

    We need a hard reset on humanity

  21. Just wanna say I’m proud of this community we’re in recognizing what is so blatantly greedy and stupid despite it being within the field of Crypto.

    There’s some really weird NFT nerds on twitter who defend this 23.7million jpeg purchase like “This is how great and wealthy the future is!” like a freaky Cult.


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