Web3 Public Relations: What you need to know

Since Web3 is overgrowing, I thought it might be helpful to share some insights for Web3 companies about the right way to run a public relations campaign.

For those of you who know familiar, Public Relations according to Wikipedia:

Public relations is the practice of managing and disseminating information from an individual or an organization to the public to affect their public perception. 

In the blockchain industry, PR is done differently than in other sectors. There are many reasons, but the main one is probably since in 2017-2018, when the [ICO bubble burst]( many investors lost their money to scam projects, harming the whole industry’s reputation. Investors became more educated and more suspicious about any crypto-related project.

I’ve summarized into bullet points what you need to know about Web3 PR:

– **Solid design & Brand Identity: **Some companies try to run so fast with their fundraising and token that they forget to clear and visible their core idea. Make sure your company is ready for PR before launching and campaign. If you invest thousands of dollars on PR and then a potential investor gets to your site and is not impressed by the design or doesn’t remember your company name after they left the site, that’s a waste of money and PR. 

– **Budget:** A bit of context- When it comes to blockchain, everything costs x4 than other industries. It’s mainly since, for years, giant tech companies banned crypto ads. This action gave A LOT of power to crypto news sites. Projects didn’t have a choice but to spend their money mainly on PR. With limited channels available, crypto news sites raised their prices. When the market crashed, the prices remained pretty much the same. Web3 PR campaigns usually begin at $15,000. When it comes to PR, there is no spending limit. You can always pay more to get featured in more places. You need to find the right balance between making buzz to keep it going for the long run. Many companies just launch a massive campaign for 2-3 months and then disappear. I find it absurd. PR should be one of your monthly expenses if your company is here to stay. It helps new investors and users hear about it. PR should also fuel your [SEO]( You can learn more about PR in this dedicated guide: [Blockchain PR- All you need to know  ](

– **Reachable:** When I read about a certain company on TechCrunch or any other tech news site, i usually check their Linkedin & their CEO profile by default. In the crypto industry, that’s the same. Many investors prefer to invest in projects to see the project’s Linkedin/Github/ channels and see the team profiles. Do you want to get high-quality investors? Make sure your team is reachable. It will potentially attract more investors to your project and improve your brand authority. (Cool[ thread in the Cardano subreddit ]( how to analyze project potential from their Github page)

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