We should make a decentralized charity.

I think it would be cool if we, as in the people on this sub, made a decentralized charity that is managed through smart contracts. I think this is a great use case for crypto, we can potentially just give to people in need without having to go through some bs nonprofit that somehow only gets like 20% of donations to people in need. I think it’ll make people more likely to give to, if they know it’s going directly to whoever needs help.

Not too sure how we’d determine who gets paid though, I was thinking maybe a consensus based approval type system? That’s something that would need to be figured out, and I don’t have many good ideas for that.


Preferably using something pretty low cost and efficient, maybe ALGO or an Eth level 2? I’m not a blockchain dev, but I am a dev and would be interested in learning working on this project if people are interested.

Edit: Guys, I meant it’ll be managed via smart contracts- meaning no human is in charge of it, only open source code. It can’t be a rug pull, because there’s no coin being created and nothing to invest in lol


Edit 2: made a more detailed post elsewhere, here it is below-

Hi, I would like to create a charity dapp. The goal of this dapp will be to allow donators to directly give algorand to receivers, with no human administration and therefore no overhead or possibility of fraud.

This is how I envision things working- the app displays a list of people who have been approved via the app communities consensus (I’ll get to that). Donators can choose to either donate to a specific individual, or in general in which case the donation will be split between the available recipients.

As far as the community approving potential recipients goes, I would like to have it set up so donating Algo to the fund provides the donator with a token for the dapp that could be spent on voting on which people recieve the funds. These tokens should be non transferrable. I think they’d have to be “spent” on votes, or someone could potentially game the donation system- it would cost more to buy the votes than a potential fraud committer could expect to return.

Verifying recipients would unfortunately be down to the community to verify they are who they say they are- this is the weak point, I think, and would love suggestions on how to handle this part.

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