We need to talk about CMCs comment feature

At first when i saw it i was thinking like, ok seems nice, i can find some like-minded people who are looking at the same tokens i am, maybe get some discussion going on…. boy was i wrong.

Few weeks after and it mutated into the shittiest, scammiest, bot riddled comment place ever, like cryptomoonshots on steroids, and on every single coin out there shitcoin, non shitcoin, even bitcoin… damn CMC, its not too late to call this one off, or maybe set some serious regulations. But right now that feature is just a steamy pile of shit.

What do yall think?

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22 thoughts on “We need to talk about CMCs comment feature”

  1. I never pay attention to the comments.

    All of them are shady links and moonboys looking for the next Shib and Doge.

    **Best just to use it to look at coins/tokens Market cap and that’s it!**

  2. It is a total joke and just a waste of space. It’s pretty much an advertisement section for bots, scammers, and to the moon shillers.

  3. I just noticed this yesterday and had the same thought. Even made my own comment about the coin i was looking at. Next 10 comments had nothing to do with that project….sigh

  4. It’s kinda hilarious seeing scammers pour into every available space in crypto channels and chat rooms. I’m beyond caring. The only solution I see is to burn down the whole forest.


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