We need to replace Venmo and CashApp with crypto transfer apps

Every week when friends and coworkers go out for drinks and pizza, usually a single person pays the bill and everyone else pays them back using third party money transfer Apps like Venmo/CashApp/Zelle, or here in the Netherlands, the Tikkie App, but these are highly centralized and often access users bank accounts.

We need to make paying someone back in cryptocurrency the new common place. **Maybe just an option to receive money transfers in a cryptocurrency of the receivers choice.** CashApp has the option to pay someone back in Bitcoin, has anyone done this/is it easy?

Thuisbezorgd, the Dutch food delivery service like UberEats, has been accepting Bitcoin since 2013, but immediately exchanges all coins they receive for euros. If they had kept their total amount from the start their bag would now be worth tens of millions of euros.

The first customer in Rotterdam spent 0.079 Bitcoin on November 5, 2013 for bitterballen (fried snack) and chicken nuggets. At the time equivalent to €13.50 – but now worth $2905.

Tldr; Don’t spend your cryptocurrency on food, instead, be paid back for food in cryptocurrency.

Edit: Thank you everyone for giving me answers pertaining to apps that let you send crypto to your friends – but most of these require for both parties to be using the same app! I’m looking for something much more interoperable while limiting middle-manning fees.

Maybe ENS domains could help, letting me type u/jxntb733 into any/many apps’ address bars and having all my chosen BTC and Doge and XLM wallet addresses immediately pop up for my friends?

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  1. If you don’t want to pay for your food in Bitcoin, how and why would you expect others to pay you for food in bitcoins.

  2. Check out the Alice app built on Terra. Basically venmo with stablecoins. ACH in/out of your bank and transfer to your friends for free.

  3. I agree. As time progresses, people’s needs also change. such an application is needed, but for this, both sides must be using the application. something like this might happen years later. it would be better if someone had to own it instead and there was a solution that would get the money to the other side.

  4. That will happen when my not so techy mom could make crypto transactions without losing her money. I’m also sending money across the globe to a friend through crypto. We’re just waiting for her to verify her binance.

  5. I think cash app is doing amazing things for the space. You want options. There are advantages and disadvantages to centralized and decentralized systems.

    Also tldr don’t eat is a dumb message. Spend and replace isn’t a bad thing.

  6. Here we have upi where we pay shops by scanning their respective qr code.

    Maybe shops using qr codes containing public address can be used to make crypto payments easier

  7. I had a convo with one of the guys who helped implement strike lightning network payment system with McDonald’s and walmart. One the of the most interesting thing he said was that “true adoption is going to occur when people use crypto without even knowung theyre using it, like with this strike system”. That kinda blew my mind because that is absolutely right. But we definitely need any easier, trustless way to send money to people. Something that could bridge the gap between web3 wallets and tradFi would be ground breaking.

  8. I can send ETH or BTC through Shakepay to anyone who also uses Shakepay. I just select them from my list of contacts and send. No wallet address needed. No fees.

  9. This is a matter of standardization, and that won’t come until someone has a good market cap.

    The internet went through this problem in the early days. Stuff wouldn’t work together because everyone was trying to sell their own thing and get rich quick. Macs work with PCs (on some level) because of agreed networking protocols and standards. The crypto space cannot agree on anything yet- it’s just a battle for market share. Because of that, adoption is piecemeal.

    To add another hurdle, governments are doing all they can to kill it when they’re not outright stealing it in their ‘busts’. They’re happy to take it and use the money for whatever cockamimie scheme politicians can dream of, but they’re also quick to impose insane tax schemes, bad legislation and vague regulation against it. AND, they want to make their own because they’re so great at doing anything.

    All of that has to get resolved before we see mass adoption. People will mass adopt when it’s easy, but we all know it isn’t. It is if you know all the in’s and out’s, but a drunk grandma trying to buy a kitty sweater on Amazon is not a crypto enthusiast who knows the in’s and outs. And there’s a lot of drunk grandmas trying to buy kitty sweaters on Amazon.

  10. People can do this already that just choose to do what is the “social norm” in a few years this norm can change to crypto.

  11. Cashapp lets you deposit bitcoin now, saw it the other day. Makes for a good defi on/off ramp if you need to move fast.

  12. BTC Lightning network is your answer. I have a Strike account, a CashApp account (sadly this one can’t send Lightning payments, only receive), a Coinos wallet, & am a frequent user of the Coindebit.io website’s service which generates a prepaid VISA that can be reloaded if you so choose, that one can send Bitcoin (Lightning or main chain) too and use directly as fiat. I literally get my paycheck in Bitcoin now even and convert to fiat only on rare occasions with the ability the Coindebit.io card allows me

  13. I’m not sure what you’re asking for? From your description/post you’re just describing sending crypto to someone.

    No, you don’t have to be using the same wallet app. A wallet is a wallet. If I’m using MetaMask and my friend is using Exodus and I’m sending him ETH is doesn’t matter that we’re not using the same wallet application.

    I saw in one of your comments about you want something that’s a couple of clicks to send crypto and doesn’t require you to type in a long wallet address? I’ve never seen a mobile wallet app that doesn’t display a QR code of your wallet address, and it already only takes a few clicks. If you don’t count my fingerprint to get into MetaMask these were the steps to send my friend something:

    1. Click send
    2. Click the scan QR code button next to send address
    3. Scan the code
    4. Enter the amount I want to send
    5. Click next
    6. Click confirm

    As far as “middle-man fees” if you’re talking about gas fees those are 100% unavoidable, that’s just part of crypto. You could use NANO or Banano which have zero gas fees, or MATIC which has next to no gas fees (less than 1 cent per transaction most of the time) but other than that if you’re using crypto you should always expect to pay gas.

  14. 1/ Ask your friend to open their phone crypto wallet and display their QR code.

    2/ Open your phone app,

    3/ Scan the QR code.

    4/ Enter the amount, authorize it.

    Its pretty simple, just dont use expensive chains like BTC/ETH or your drinks bill will seem like Champagne not beer!

    Plenty of good multi-chain apps on the market, Coinomi is one of the oldest and still going.

  15. Cashapp already does lightning network transfers. 🤷‍♂️

    There’s also Strike if you want one that’s just for BTC.

  16. Can’t you just scan someone’s wallet QR code or save their address and send them crypto? Why need a 3rd party app?

  17. Im tryin bro but everyone is a fuckin snorlax. Just a bunch of soggy towels laying around, nobody can take action until its spoon fed to them. One day though, i have faith

  18. Wallet to wallet means no middle man like Venmo/Cashapp/PayPal which means no fees. Only fees are gas if your network requires it.

  19. I know of a company that is launching free peer-to-peer payments for all cryptocurrencies on it very soon 😉

    Wouldn’t be available in the US though

  20. The problem is you need a different app to send each currency (otherwise it becomes somewhat centralized/vulnerable to hacking). Would need to make sure all of your friends have a common currency

  21. There would have to be a market for it first. Most people don’t have any crypto and I would wager that most who do wouldn’t use it as currency. They are holding it for potential profits.

  22. I think FIAT apps will co-exist along with Crypto apps.
    I’ll rather be able to choose whether I want to transfer FIAT or Crypto


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