We need direct use for mass adoption.

Cryptoassets are nice. Collectable NFTs are nice. But what we don’t have that’s going to be necessary for mass adoption is more direct use. We often need to “cash out” in order to use the value of our cryptoassets, and that’s not good. So long as we have to convert to fiat, we’ll never have mass adoption or the true benefit that crypto is designed to provide.

***What do we need?***

Yes, there are some options, but they’re still limited. Basically, we need more people who will offer goods and services and accept crypto in return. It’s harder for physical goods, but it’s easy for programmers, developers, freelance writers, and so on, to accept crypto as a form of payment. And in time we hopefully will have a lot of other products available as well.

I’m also hoping to see NFT based subscription programs. Imagine being able to buy a multiyear or even lifetime subscription to something, and when you don’t want it anymore, you can just sell it at a reduced price (if it’s a fixed term subscription) or full price if it’s not! In this regard, I’m really hoping to see things like NFT subscriptions for weekly meal plans. In order to place an order for the week, the person has to hold the NFT.

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5 thoughts on “We need direct use for mass adoption.”

  1. All secondary problems if people don’t have recourse to mistakes or bad actors, and you won’t get safety nets or regulations with decentralization, and you improve those and the fiat ramp will be less of an issue as we’ll

    Ease of converting to fiat is what will help adoption, not the opposite

  2. Why would a company want users to be able to trade their subscriptions instead of new users purchasing new subscriptions from them?


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