We need a high profile influencer to be arrested and jailed for X years before things change

Influencers, high profile figures, actors, musicians, you name it. Everyone and their mother is shilling some shitcoin, or worse, making their own coin and then shilling it.

The post from u/tngsystems about Ben Phillips (Bravo TNG, your posts are always a good read) is the latest example of a long line of those scumbags tricking their own fan base into buying a worthless coin/token, that they are selling at the same time.

The thing is, all of them are just continuing to do what they used to do for the last few years: promoting something they are paid to promote. Drinks, clothes, jewelry, vaginal douches, essential oils, vampire repellants (???), etc.

The thing is, they (the scumbags) don’t understand the difference between those and crypto. While those products may or may not work, by promoting the weird or overpriced products they are not under the hook for fraud, embezzlement, misleading the investors and every other actionable offense they are currently doing in their crypto adventure. The advertising of those products is simply immoral, while the pump and dump tactics in crypto are illegal. And the *chef’s kiss* beauty of it: it’s all on the blockchain, permanent, accessible to anyone and not altered in any way, shape or form.

Bcs sooner or later, a highly public influencer (or two of them, or ten) WILL go to jail bcs of this. For a very long time. And I simply can’t wait for this to happen.

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25 thoughts on “We need a high profile influencer to be arrested and jailed for X years before things change”

  1. I want the people that bought in to the unfluencers to be arrested and be in the same jail cell with the scumbag influencer.

  2. I follow zach on twitter, coffeezilla and mutahar on youtube, so i would say i know a good amount on crypto scams/pump n dumps. Feels like nothing is being done and they are left free thats why it wont stop anytime soon

  3. These people have loads of money to pay good lawyers to get them out of shit when they get caught…. Only people like me and you go to jail for this kind of thing.

  4. My view is that most of these people genuinely think their coin will succeed.

    It’s no different to any other crypto currency.

    The “scams” are the ones that don’t get off the ground and the “legit” ones are the ones that become sustainable.

    Other than that, they are all the same.

    Most are setting up their coins thinking they will work in the end.

    If you want to ban the scam ones you have to ban the rest too. How do you define one from the other. All coins are a potential scam. The whole space is potentially a massive bigger fool scam.

    I still like the idea that Satoshi could come to light and sell off his BTC. Would that count as a rug pull? Would that make it a scam?

    It could happen.

    All crypto is a risk and it is all unregulated, it is all as bad as each other. If you aren’t comfortable with this, then stay away.

    It is the nature of the space. If you don’t want to risk losing all your money, invest elsewhere. Seriously.

  5. Just use that influencers and celebreties to know what project you should stay away.

    That is a good point for me. Once influencers or celebreties enters i quit.

  6. Yup, shill this coin and dump it at the same time. Why can’t the SEC concentrate on this shit instead of focusing on who can and can’t buy certain cryptocurrencies?

  7. ***A public apology video of them crying and basically not apologizing at all if you listen to what they actually say is enough for now*** /s

  8. Maybe people learn to not be a fanbase and instead use their own brain?

    (I know I know, far fetched, but one can hope)

  9. If people stopped paying attention to these “influencers” they would cease to exist. They only exist because they keep making money off of people looking to go 1000x on garbage.

  10. My satirical answer…

    Assassination would be more effective than incarceration (especially as a deterrent).


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