We didn’t listen! But we can learn from it now.

I think there is a big opportunity in reading some “old” posts and the reaction of our community to them. I’ve collected some examples – couldn’t find some of the posts I remembered though. There is a pattern if you read the comments: *most people in this community don’t believe in so-called “FUD” until it hits their portfolio*.


>19.5% APY – If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true. Pressure on prices gets a lot of projects into big trouble. People are still waiting to cash out, since a lot of money is locked.



Even a Buttcoiner pointed out (then) potential problems and this sub (not surprisingly) roasted him:

>What’s it all mean? LUNA / UST have entered a death spiral. Unless theres a large bounce, there is no stopping it now. ([reddit](

Comments were like


Another thread, but this one was more successful: ([Everyone Here is Seriously Missing Out on The Wonderful World of DeFi and Web3](

Don’t wanna brag, but this was my response:


[This post]( not-so-surprisingly had 0 points. 20% APY? Not a problem as long as it’s working.

I can’t find it anymore, there was also a post about why we should NOT buy the dip (at 40k) because BTC is somehow tied to the financial system and didn’t ever face a recession before. People told to fuck off because the situation now is no way like 2008 or 2001 (bruh!).

Anyway: nobody knows shit about fuck when it’s about tomorrow’s prices, but it doesn’t hurt to listen to facts or common sense (like sustainable 20% APY being a wet dream).

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18 thoughts on “We didn’t listen! But we can learn from it now.”

  1. Here’s one I picked up since this was my first crypto bull… When you see a constant flow of “DCA Out” posts popping up, LISTEN!

    These guys who were preaching this is November were the real winners here.

  2. i would listen more often to buttcoiners if they weren’t as much lunatic about ‘’everything going to zero’’, talking about tulip bulbs and ponzi schemes.

    there is a ton of legit stuff to critic in crypto, and yet they chose to attack bitcoin, of all things.

    If they truely want us to take them seriously, well they should become a tad more nuanced and stop cheering for BTC to go down while they don’t even short it

  3. The year is 2025 – the same comments are getting flamed in this subreddit. Then 18 months later this gets posted again.


  4. If you believe every post poking at an exchange or crypto you will never buy anything

    Best thing to do is just be diligent and make sure you understand what you’re buying.

    Now is a good time to be dca-ing into your picks

  5. Much of this post is an excellent example of survivorship bias.

    You can go back through the list archives and find posts predicting that *any particular cryptoasset or platform* is just about IMPLODE and go to zero! A few of those are going to be right, just based on pure statistics.

    You showed an example where someone responded “I think it’s a bit early to call this.” And at the time it possibly was. That’s not a roast. That’s prudence. Then when facts change, you change your behavior. That’s a perfectly rational way to operate in the world.

    Are you suggesting that anytime someone gets on Reddit with a panicky message about something going to zero you should immediately sell it? That doesn’t seem like great advice to me.

  6. Just let alts break away from BTC already. How much does eth have going for it compared to BTC.
    Smart contracts, all it’s own tokens, all the defi/cefi/nft….. which bitcoin can’t do
    With sol, ada, matic…. all biting on the heels of eth and btc the old dog still decides everything. It’s time for a new king.

  7. just want to point out that the 19.5% APR was never intended to be permanent. it was an intro rate and designed to ramp down over time. there was a runway, albeit mismanaged. but yeah – the 19.5% thing was more like a promo rate. it had already started to ramp down a while before the death spiral happened.


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