We all know that most of projects die in a crypto winter. But what about the crypto enviroment?

I know this is an insanely subjective question and completely depends entirely on the how someone percieves the environment. I have never experienced a winter yet so I have no idea. But being someone that has played video games my whole life, you can tell when an online game is dying out. I’m curious how those that have survived the winters notice the community change.

Stuff like community interactions, sentiment, articles, etc. Do you think a lot of people quit crypto or do you think it’s a small percentage?

Again, I know this is entirely subjective and almost impossible to measure. Just curious to see your honest thoughts and opinions.

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14 thoughts on “We all know that most of projects die in a crypto winter. But what about the crypto enviroment?”

  1. The reason why some people like crypto winter is because there’s less chart and technical analysis, less “wen moon” questions, and more focus on the fundamentals. It’s slightly different than a game dying because the death if the game is just the death of the game. Crypto will return. And the cycle will be faster, the dips will be less severe. The people quietly hoping for 85-90% drop in btc prices from all time highs won’t be seeing them. But at least half of the coins under a 500 mil market cap won’t survive

  2. I wonder where all the people are they wished a crash ?
    I think people who believe in crypto will take advantage of this winter and increase their positions.
    But there will also be the people who try to time the market and end up missing the opportunity.

  3. A lot quit til next bullrun after their hopium runs out. The thing to take from this is that projects have time to actually develop instead of looking for “price action”. Just because it’s a possible crypto winter doesn’t mean coins still don’t pump, you could be lucky.

  4. i start to look forward to a bear market:
    – less shilling
    – lot of time to DCA with bottom
    – moon ratio higher
    – fixed term staking / lending without FOMO
    – less watching crypto news / posts every day to keep up / try to understand unreasonable market
    – lot of time to DYOR and prepare for the next halving

    maybe we even see surprise pumps every now an then, who knows. since i abandomed my portfolio last may, i think i really look forward to the bearmarket. less noise, more peace of mind.

  5. It’s just the beginning.. I don’t see things like brave browser going anywhere anytime soon.

    Most of us aren’t familiar with 99%+ of tech involving crypto, to be honest there’s so much to keep up with and learn.

    If I use it and I see it staying around for a while I’ll invest in it. The exciting part for me is for creators and people in general to get paid instantly. Whether that be something like BAT or apps like Theta. Everyday theres new partnerships.

    The economy is fuckd right now and besides the negative aspects like markets being in the red, it might be what is needed for people to look into crypto and decentralization.

  6. If anything we get far less shilling, TA and prophesies so I’m all for it. I’ve seen some good, informative posts in the last week and not the same news story reposted over and over (well, not as much 🙂 )

  7. My thoughts are crypto isn’t very old, how can you base what’s happened in a decade of time as what’s going to happen in the future.

  8. Do we all know that? Projects don’t die during a crypto winter. Over-hyped projects die.

    The rest of us just continue work as usual and it’s actually nice that price movement isn’t what makes the biggest impact.

  9. When prices soar, it’s all anyone talks about.

    When prices fall and capitulation takes place, only the people who are really interested in what’s behind Bitcoin and crypto currencies remain. The discussions become more interesting, and one can fully concentrate on the essentials. So this is an important time to use to deepen your knowledge, do the right research, and build your game to benefit later.


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