Watching my Token Take off and it’s Heart-Breaking

I currently hold next to nothing in cryptocurrency. I’m recovering from some heavy losses and decided to delve more into the fun of it creatively than investment. I created a token on the Algorand blockchain. I had intentions to build a game on another platform which I still have the code for. Was struggling with a bit of code and realized I had to make some payments IRL and let it go.

I’ve made some shit calls with money that wasn’t really mine to spend and lost it all. I have bills to pay and the token wasn’t really performing— I gave it all up at a loss. I didn’t have the funds to properly shill it, the time away from my job to develop it properly or the will to finish designing the NFTs through 3D animation platforms.

The passion didn’t outweigh the reality of the situation I’m in now. Funds I receive from my decent job seem to disappear quickly to bills. It’ll be over soon as I have settlements finalizing and I can start to see the horizon again.

I’ve been peeking at the token for the past couple of weeks. I sold whatever I had months ago but left the token available for purchase. The token was officially verified with my NYS ID, I had a domain name and a website being developed I couldn’t finish. I disabled any kinds of malicious clawbacks or freeze operations to build trust, and I still have the empty telegram and discord.

I’ll sometimes double-click on the file for the code by accident since it’s right next to league of legends and see the discord bot trigger a notification that it’s online on the corner of my monitor. There’s no one in the discord besides my fiancé and I.

Sorry, I’ll just end the tiny violin with this. Never give up on something if you care about it. Market Cap just exceeded $30,000 from $5000 this Monday. (Public Disclaimer: I don’t know who’s YOLOing but beware—I have no LP, and no tokens. Whoever has that LP could take advantage and I already saw it get cut in half from $2,000 to $1,000 which is very volatile and I don’t know if they have malicious intentions.)

I fully expect to be accused of shilling but in all honesty I own 0 tokens and I’m advising people to stay away. I guess I’m hoping if someone is involved with a heavy investment as I’m seeing some large purchases they might see this—be f***king careful. It is 100% out of my control, and I wish the community the best. Should any of you ever need me I still have the keys. Until then, I’m letting you go.

QQ, and best of luck to those involved—may you grow into a bustling community or fall with low-impact and I wish you all good luck.


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9 thoughts on “Watching my Token Take off and it’s Heart-Breaking”

  1. Wait, wouldn’t that mean that token is literally dead and has no usecase whatsoever? I don’t know how a bustling community will emerge from that…

  2. Man I am in the Algorand blockchain heavily and i saw this token make an lp pool with a token I am heavily involved in and started investigating.

    This token now has an lp pool with almost every major ASA on the algo blockchain and the wallet associated with it is nothing but odd lp pools and creation of tokens that seem have no purpose but to drain lp from the main lp pools slowly.

    I’ve been trying to put it all together but this is a busy week.

    Sorry about this if it’s legit but I found it weird that it was linked to your photography site that had absolutely nothing to do with NFTs or blockchain so that aspect I do believe.

    However the transactions on the wallet (2) that “took over your coin” look like the creator wallet (your wallet) transferred the tokens to that wallet (2) through the Tinyman dex based on timing of the creator wallet (your wallet) making the lp pool and the take over wallet (2) “taking over” the asset.

    There’s a ton more going on with this token now so if you’re good at piecing together blockchain transactions from various wallets and tokens please reach out.

    Edit: looked at your profile. I’ve liked some of your memes previously. Also sorry about the Yieldly. This really sucks and am sorry if you’re genuine.

  3. Market cap is not a good indication of the amount invested into it or the demand – it’s a simple calculation of price * quantity. Meaning: if there is a quantity of 1 million and you sell 1 coin for $1, you immediately have a market cap of $1 million.

  4. Sorry your token died and is now being resurrected like a ghola of some sort. RIP to whoever gets caught up in this shit storm.

  5. As someone completely uninvolved in crypto, this sounds like a person who still actually has stake in their token making a last-ditch Reddit post to try to gain traction/make some money from the people stupid enough to buy into a sob story. I could be totally wrong, but that’s how it looks.


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