Waging war against honeypot scammers

Recently there was a discussion on honeypot scams, where someone will drop a seed phrase seemingly containing erc20 tokens but no eth. But the moment you transfer in any eth, it will be pulled out by a bot making it impossible to transfer out the tokens.

I have figured out a way to drain these wallets provided they hold bluechip erc20 tokens (usdc,usdt,dai etc) and put an end to this nonsense after all. I intend to publish the approach and make the tool public, so that anyone can call these scammers out whenever they want. However, I need to test more and make it robust.

So if you were ever contacted by a scammer and were dropped some honeypot seeds, ever lost money to these schemes, you can help to eradicate these scammers once and for all. And if you still have these seeds with you, you can dm me and that would be very helpful in developing this tool.

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31 thoughts on “Waging war against honeypot scammers”

  1. There is a post on hot right now about a “sophisticated attack”

    DM that post’s OP and you’ll have a ripe one to test on

  2. Definitely interested in hearing about this method once you publish. But also sounds as though it may be destined for disaster.

  3. Think about open sourcing and releasing your script to let others fight back ;D

    Think if there were services someone could go to a website and entire the information the scammer just DMd them and it then attempts the attack on the scammer. If successful, donates 60% to a charity, gives the submitter 35% of the funds, and the website creator 5%.

  4. Awesome, OP!!!

    I am just so mad that I continue to fail how all of this even works!
    Medical school, almost a PhD, yet I got scammed several times and still don’t even know how.

  5. The honeypot is an illusion too because you are taking nothing there. Honestly, those who fall for these scams are greedy as heck.


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