Vitalik and Ethereum Developers Have Dumped a Total of 11.3M Ethereum(9% of circulating supply) on to the Market.

Listen, I know everyone on this sub loves ethereum, but am I the only one who finds it strange that I haven’t really heard much about Vitalik constantly selling? He premined ethereum, and gave himself/the dev team close to 12M ethereum. Here is the wallet [link]( and evidence of the wallet being funded with 12M eth 2547 days ago.

Lets show you guys an example of the wallet dumping eth. On May 17th 2021, the wallet transferred 35k eth to another wallet.

[This is the transaction](


Lets have a guess what the wallet does next? Anyone want to guess? Yep, straight out to kraken to use you guys as his exit liquidity.

The next dump gets even better. November 11,2021 the ethdev waller transfers 20K ether out to the same wallet, which then again transfers it to Kraken where they dump it.

Now this is where things get interesting. Guess what day the bull market ended? Nov 8,2021.

I do hold eth and like it, but I think its fair to give eth the same criticism as we would all give to other shitcoins if the owners or VCs sell this much. Its up to you guys to decide if he timed the market to perfection, or he created the eth top and used you guys as exit liquidity. I think its pretty obvious.

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44 thoughts on “Vitalik and Ethereum Developers Have Dumped a Total of 11.3M Ethereum(9% of circulating supply) on to the Market.”

  1. Not vitalik sells the money, the foundation does. Ethereum has a lot of dev teams developing different clients and doing research for the future of the protocol. This is what these funds are used for. The devs do earn a lot for sure, but their work is also really valuable for the whole crypto community.

  2. 12M Eth was worth like $10M back then (to fund the development of the powerhouse we know today as Ethereum), people acting like EF gifted themselves billions all of a sudden.

  3. 1. It is the non-profit Ethereum foundation, not Vitalik.
    2. Sold to cover operational costs (“dumped”? hahaha) as have done many times before
    3. Sold 20k ETH, which is **0.016%** of the supply. Not as dramatic as your “**DUMPED 9%!!!**”
    4. You cherry pick only 2 sales total 50K ETH, when was the other 11.2m+ ETH sold? Hint: not at the top
    5. “used you as exit liquidity”…see points 1-3
    6. “he created the ETH top” it was a market wide top, ALL markets. Crypto followed EXACTLY the market movement. Or do you mean “Vitalik” moves the whole world markets? hahaha stupidity is truly entertaining sometimes
    7. **NOT ONE PERSON** in all of history has been able to predict the markets. Neither has Ethereum foundation (that’s why you only cherry picked 2 sales)
    8. AND IF they manage to sell at the top every time = the foundation has the greatest geniuses that ever existed in history of mankind
    9. Haters are getting dumber and dumber
    10. Dumb people should be required to have a license to use the internet.

  4. *It’s not distributed enough!! Vitalik owns too many coins!*

    *It’s being distributed!! Vitalik and the EF sold some! How dare!*

    All this ETH FUD from now to the merge will be priceless.

  5. So they sold eth to pay the people working on the Merge?…… Yep that must be very concerning!!! Why are they paying their devs!? Is slave labor not an option!?……../s

  6. How is the foundation going to pay wages? Cover rent and running costs? Hundreds of millions sounds like lots of money and they’re all lining their pockets and laughing at us. I’m sure plenty of them make decent money, but they have huge costs to cover to keep the project moving forward.

  7. Unless I’m missing something, are you complaining that they sold 55k out of 12 million Eth? That’s less than half a percent

  8. This is pure FUD 😂

    The Ethereum Foundation [released a report earlier this year]( detailing their financials as of March 31st 2022:

    * $300M (18.8%) in “non crypto assets” which is probably mostly cash to pay the devs
    * $11M (0.7%) in “other crypto”
    * $1.2B (80.5%) in ETH

    Calling that anything but a long ETH portfolio is dishonest.

    The majority of Ethereum devs are very long ETH.

    Source: [I am an eth dev](

    I’m perhaps a bit more degen than most, but after doin some quick math it looks like my _net_worth_ is currently 76% ETH. Which is lower than I expected honestly 🤔 but I guess we are in a bear market 😂

  9. If you believe in ethereum and honestly want it to succeed, big whales reducing positions should be welcomed. The security of the network in a proof of stake blockchain is improved by having more participants, rather than fewer large participants.

  10. I remember when the Ethereum Foundation sold 500,000 ETH at $1 each. This how it works, they need to sell money every X time so they can afford to pay developers. Totally fine with it.

  11. Let’s be honest, if this was any other shitcoin (which I truly believe eth is, but it just had a longer run than the rest), people here would immediately loose their shit and most crypto sites would deem it as another pump and dump.
    But hey, there’s still luna suckers left so I’m sure there’s plenty of idiots for ol vitalik to pour his bags on.

  12. The point of them being issued tokens at the start was not so they could hold them forever, they’re going to sell some at some point and make money off of their invention. 2547 days, with a marketcap of $200 billion, with billions in daily trading volume — that seems like a pretty fucking reasonable amount of time for them to wait. Bashing them for selling at this point misses the entire point of why they got tokens in the first place.

  13. Good. The funds were supposed to be spent. It has helped the ecosystem a ton, with thousands of developers being funded.

    It would be far worse if the funds were hoarded and not spent. That would have created an unfair, centralized distribution. But now, almost all of the premined coins have been distributed healthily around the community. It’s a great success story.


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