Utility rules all

Shortish rant-
I truly hope that as Crypto either matures or faulters one thing should come totally apparent, and that is that for cryptos to survive and actually change some of the system that we live with currently which I truly believe they can they need real world utility. The problem with most “investors” is they don’t want to wait for genuine projects which take time to cultivate and grow (the WB line of “noone wants to get rich slow” comes to mind), when they see bastard meme coins doing 100x in ultra short time they would rather chase those and this whole space becomes a toxic casino in which the genuine projects are tarred with the same brush and lose appeal.

It makes me both sad and angry that a useful new intelligent system such as Blockchain could fall and go to waste and it’s purely down to greed.

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6 thoughts on “Utility rules all”

  1. A lot of people in crypto right now don’t care about the technology, they are in it for the money. This is perfectly okay although it’s a bit upsetting. Those chasing easy gains have a better chance of being burned in the long run though.

  2. I know elongate gets a lot of hate here but that’s why I strongly believe in its future with the salesforce crypto lighting exchange and the web3 social media called spark that they are developing

  3. The utilities are all garbage. They’re all just dumb ideas for how to use the worlds slowest database.

    Currency is the only use case.


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