USDT, USDC, ADA, DAI – Which is the best stablecoin?

Now that it’s bear season, we should mostly hold all our fiat in Stablecoins to reduce risk until the market stabilizes. I used to be a fan of USDT but it seems that sometimes ADA gives better value than USDT. USDT I used to get for 1.0005 however for ADA it goes below $1 and you can get it even at $0.95. Can’t we use this as an arbitrage opportunity against the US Dollar which is so highly inflated right now. However I couldn’t find too many pairs of altcoins to exchange my ADA into, so I transfer it to BTC and then buy the altcoins. Anyone else think ADA is the best stablecoin?

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28 thoughts on “USDT, USDC, ADA, DAI – Which is the best stablecoin?”

  1. Deposit your coins into a lending platform like Aave, borrow USDT, then buy more coins or cocaine. If the fearmongers are right, when tether goes to zero it’s basically free money!

  2. Not my opinion, but the smartest person I’ve found so far that teaches about tokenonics (Lisa Tan – Economic design) said frax was the best stablecoin.

  3. If you’re going to wait out a bear market in stables then use Celsius, Hodlnaut, Midas, Stablegains for 8.5-19% APY til you decide to buy.


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