USDT needs to go.

I’m not saying its going to depeg this round but eventually its gotta go. It being one of the first few stable coins has contributed a lot to the development of crypto, but over the years, new stable coins like USDC, DAI and BUSD have emerged with new and improved pegging mechanisms that are way superior than USDT’s. I personally feel that it is inevitable that we move away from USDT to other stable coins. The only thing holding it together is the big players like Binance and Gemini and when they move away from it, USDT will likely depeg. Whether it is going to depeg soon in the coming months or slowly phase out, I do not know.

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9 thoughts on “USDT needs to go.”

  1. The optimal way for it to go is to slowly vanish, without depegging. Rising dominance in the 3 stablecoins you mentioned is very positive.

  2. It may never depeg, and that’s OK. The best possible outcome is that audited, fully backed stablecoins take over the bulk of he transaction volume, and USDT slowly fades into obscurity. Because then the whole ecosystem is more robust, and fewer people get rekt.

    I’m starting to think that if we’re going to get regulations in crypto, stablecoins are the best place to implement them. The burden of compliance can be on exchanges and maintainers.


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