Uphold staking email baffles me.

I got an email today, like many who have an uphold account did I’m sure, that you can now stake crypto on Uphold.
I was looking at the Ethereum rules and it said that there was a 2% staking fee upon withdrawal.

Actual wording.
“Uphold charges a 2% fee for unstaking ETH.”

Does that mean that they take 2% of your earnings (they write in there that they already are taking 15% of your earnings.”
or 2% of what you stake?

I don’t have it, but if I staked 100 eth they are going to take 2 eth when I unstake or 2% of the earnings?

They are very ambiguous with their wording.

But like I said, they say they’re already taking 15% of the earnings so that can only mean they’re taking 2% of what you staked as well!

Who in the fuck would do this for 4.25%?

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14 thoughts on “Uphold staking email baffles me.”

  1. Almost certainly the earnings, I don’t reasonably see them justifying taking 2% of your stake amount.

    Isn’t uphold pretty legit? I haven’t heard too much against them.

  2. There’s always some fee, but usually it’s a bonding time.
    Uphold will just keep 2% of your earnings, not of what you staked …

  3. Your example itself makes it ridiculous if they take 2% of what you staked. I think they take 2% of your earning when you decide to unstake it.

    Try to stake elsewhere this seems like you will only lose money

  4. Get the xrp debit card and spend your crypto straight from uphold.

    Upholds biz model will in another 10-20 years consume banking as we know it.

    Why have a bank when you can do everything via an exchange on your phone


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