Until I had some money invested, I thought the world was always a peaceful place

Since I started investing in cryptocurrencies, I kinda learned that there is some shit always going on in the world.

I’m 20 and mining Ethereum was my first ever investment(borrowed from parents). Until then I thought the world is a peaceful place but recently I learnt there is some shit always going on in the world that you’d only notice if you’re invested in some money market.

Until last week there were **protests in Canada even** **before** that situation cooled down, there was Afghanistan, another bigger, worse situation of a damn war has arised talking about the world in general. And inside Crypto there is literally so much turbulence. Can’t probably do much, just gotta HODL and get through this and hope there’s peace

Without being in crypto I wouldn’t know that the war affects the situations so much nor would I ever know about Evergrande

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48 thoughts on “Until I had some money invested, I thought the world was always a peaceful place”

  1. It’s not that cryptocurrencies are directly educating you, but looking at crypto requires you to look at more of the world where you realize it’s not all sunshines and rainbows.

  2. Same here, I got into crypto 4 months ago and I got to read all the news affecting the world’s economy.
    My mom had no idea about evergrande or the war right now until I told her because she asked how my crypto was doing.

  3. I’m also in my twenties but I can’t remember a time when there wasn’t some conflict going on. In fact, I would argue that the only time there’s no major conflict is immediately after WW1 and WW2.

  4. Those of us privileged enough to have parents, after leaving their house realise how tough it was for them to provide for us and protect us when we were nothing but ungrateful brats towards them.

    This world is a cruel place indeed.

  5. Most places are peaceful. But sadly sometimes in some country’s a war start. Often they are small so they don’t get much attention from media.

    Be thankful when you can life in a peaceful country.
    Thinking too much about things you can’t change will depressing you.

  6. I’m 3x your age. The world is not a peaceful place. It is full of shit and full of people who don’t deserve the privilege breathing oxygen. However, that doesn’t mean you have to play the game by their rules. You can defiantly choose to be a good, moral person in spite of how much society wants to turn you to the dark side. You can choose to be happy by aligning your focus to family, friends, loved ones. Things are going to get worse but you can choose to be better. Nobody is holding a gun to your head, forcing you to feel like shit. If things start to get a little too “real”, you can unplug and take a breath. Two friends go to a party. The next day, I ask them: how was the party? One friend says, “It was amazing! So much fun!” The other friend says: “It sucked! Boring! Wish I never went!”. Same party, same people. The only thing that changed was each friend’s perspective and expectation. In this life, expect nothing, be grateful for everything and find pleasure in the most simple of things. Life is good but only if you make it that way for yourself.

  7. ISIS was a thing in 2014 till recently, but I doubt your parents were fine with letting you see someone get beheaded or something. A few years before, there was the Arab Spring, triggered by a fruit vendor who set himself on fire in protest. There was a massive migrant crisis in Europe as people fled from Syria, and poverty.

    Also the Ukraine-Russia conflict started then and the Uyghur Concentration camps started popping up in the same year.

  8. You’ve been hoodwinked my friend. This is your opportunity to take a long hard look at your perceptions of the world and contrast it against the narratives being put forth. Decide for YOURSELF.


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