Unicredit Bank condemned to pay € 131 million because they closed the account of a miner

The original news is in Italian, I translated it with Google translate so sorry if there are mistakes. Here is the link for reference:

The court of Banja Luka, one of the most important cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, sentenced Unicredit to pay the consideration of over 131 million euros for closing the current account of a mining company, called Bitminer Factory. .

Although the story comes from abroad, the protagonists are all Italians: Bitminer Factory is in fact a company owned by an Italian entrepreneur, based in Bosnia-Herzegovina due to lower electricity costs compared to Italy. However, the company’s registered office remains in Italy, in Sesto Fiorentino.

The news of the sentence by the court emerges from the 2021 financial statements just published by Unicredit, which adds that the compensation was requested by the company for the alleged damages suffered “following the allegedly unjustified closure of its current accounts by Unicredit Bank a.d. Banja Luka, a company controlled by the parent company Unicredit in the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bitminer asserts that the closure of its accounts would have hindered its Initial coin offering (Ico) in relation to a startup project in the cryptocurrency mining sector with renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina “.

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16 thoughts on “Unicredit Bank condemned to pay € 131 million because they closed the account of a miner”

  1. Bank got fucked for once. That’s what you get for messing with crypto.
    Imagine shutting down someone just because they earn a little bit more money than the bank’s liking.

  2. When I was in Italy a Unicredit ATM stole 50 euro from me when I withdrawn. 50 fucking euro. Reported it and of they of course found the machine didn’t keep the note so no refund could be processed. Fucking scam bank

  3. I used to be a customer for this shit bank in Romania. One day I got a call to warn me to stop doing trading with crypto or else they’ll close my account.

    The next day I was not their customer anymore and moved all my money somewhere else. Fuck them.


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