Understanding the market is counter intuitive.

It has been a gloomy market for a while now and, being the noob that I really am, a feeling has been nagging me for some time.
How come I’m sidelined now that the market is down? All went super well before and I was buying and trading like crazy throughout 2021.
Today it finally hit me, a realization that prob most of you already know: understanding the market is to be thinking counter intuitive.
I should have sold all my assets mid August when the market was soaring. Alas, every viber in my body was screaming to buy, buy, buy.
And now that the market is down, I cannot participate bc all my money is invested.
It is a wasted opportunity which, next time, I hope not to miss. Selling my assets when the market gives a nice profit and stay my hand untill the next bear market. That way I will be able to participate and make money even when the market is down.
Prob a no-brainer for most of you cryptonians, but to me its a new insight.

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19 thoughts on “Understanding the market is counter intuitive.”

  1. Yeah I do this too. Eventually I would like to always keep maybe 10% of my total funds in stable coins so that if there is a crash/huge dip I can capitalize on it

  2. Similar story. I finally took some gains during the last peak while my portfolio was sort-of up and it feels so much better having some USDC in there. I’m now *looking forward* to the big dip I used to be afraid of lol..
    And if it doesnt dip.. even better 🙂

  3. Do you want to be successful? Do not pay attention to the financial advice of this sub and do whatever you think is best for your investment

  4. Your failures is someone else’s gains, it’s all about perspective from how I real this post. Experience is the best teacher
    This is just life advice that applies regardless of crypto

  5. The market is that homeless man on the subway asking for money. You think you have him figured out, but then suddenly he gives you a dollar, and while you try to process what’s happening he throws feces at the wall singing Celine Dion deep tracks. That’s when you notice your wallet is gone.

  6. Everyone’s smart during a bull market. You drank this sub’s Kool Aid and bought at an ATH. You’re now forced to hold, sell for a loss, or hope you see another ATH again lmao!


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