Ukraine mess suppressing Bulls

I know some people on here think Putin is some kind of hero, but in truth outside of Covid, he is the greatest single hinderance to prosperity and growth and he knows it. He loves being the center of attention and disrupting things. I called it early on.

We are finally breaking even on inflation which that monkey doesn’t stop a show anyway unless it is above double digits and its not.


We are close. Hopefully Putin relents. I’m down 41% now. I think I may buy a very small bit of Bitcoin maybe $1000 worth.

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12 thoughts on “Ukraine mess suppressing Bulls”

  1. Putin loves to troll.

    He succeeds at that because the west always take his bait. They call him a villain but then rely on Russia for natural resources e.g. Gas… So Putin really has all the chips and can troll them as much as he likes


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