UK Alternative to Binance

So, firstly let me apologise if this question has been posted a bunch of times.

I was using Binance to trade my own capital and doing some low-profit buy low/sell high shenanigans.

I would like to try my hand at trading futures and trading with some leverage.

However I’m based in Scotland and I am running into the usual UK woes and regulatory constraints.

I have heard of a few exchanges that are not UK based and would allow me to do the trading that I would like.

I need it to allow withdrawal to a Mastercard, also. Binance have stopped allowing mastercard withdrawal so I had to use to P2P service, which was a pain.

Binance seemed so promising but there seem to be constant problems with their platform, as much as I did like it.

Where should I direct my research in terms of exchanges?

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6 thoughts on “UK Alternative to Binance”

  1. Personally I signed up for every exchange I could, I mainly use the CDC Exchange (not the app) for trading – then use other exchanges for any coins that aren’t listed on CDC

    It’s best to try them all and see which you prefer

  2. This is the problem with the U.K. ban the biggest exchanges features but people will look for smaller exchange which are less volume less safe . Kucoin is a good option but small compared to Binance

  3. I know youre looking for different exchanges, but I always liked Binances interface way more so I buy on Coinbase and just send over to the Binance spot wallet because Coinbase allow card payments with a small fee. Sending £100s in btc costs pennies too.


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