True Crypto credit/gift card for absolute privacy?

One of the many reasons because of which I use my credit card is because the scope of the transaction is limited to the card itself. It doesn’t tie back to my account so there is really no way to know my account balance or any such details. In case of crypto that is not usually the case. You can see the txn using a block explorer and can also see the balance of the wallet the txn is coming from. I think this is a breach of privacy. If I am paying at a terminal, I don’t want them to know that I have 10 more ETH in my wallet (Sadly I don’t).

So i want to know if there are any Crypto Credit/Gift cards which can be used without exposing my wallet to prying eyes? And the scope of the txn is limited and doesn’t reveal account balance?

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1 thought on “True Crypto credit/gift card for absolute privacy?”

  1. A card that you can use with visa/mastercard is not doing any blockchain transactions.

    You pay using fiat using internal regular systems, the only difference is at the end the company that gave you the card sold some crypto to finance the transaction.


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