Transparency in Crypto Space – What If

IMO, a strength and weakness of Bitcoin is that its founder is anonymous. On one hand, it’s key to the narrative of decentralization and equality well, but on the other, it is a huge risk.

My “what if” question is this: What if Bitcoin is a wolf in sheep’s clothing? What if China or another rising power created it to build instability in the US Dollar? What if its founder was a major criminal involved with human trafficking or genocide? I have no reason to believe this but also am wary of blind faith in an anonymous and clearly very cunning individual/entity.

A single headline to this effect (if true) could wreck Bitcoin still. There is a tremendous amount of faith in Satoshi Nakamoto to have done this for good purposes. Playing devil’s advocate a bit here but hoping to hear how you are comfortable investing with this fact.

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4 thoughts on “Transparency in Crypto Space – What If”

  1. I’m not a fan of adding layers of judgements on products of any kind. Just because the creator might be a shady individual, I still can value their output. This works for me with music by Michael Jackson, and it would work with Bitcoin as well.

  2. Every time you play the what if game you’ll probably end up in a bad place. DYOR on the tech and judge if the tech is actually useful as a tool for humanity.

  3. What if Satoshi colluded with aliens as part of a plan to take over the world? Instead of using spaceships, they decided to use internet money to really really slowly grind down the worth of a dollar mwah ha ha! Take that Earthlings.


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