To stake or not to stake… let’s compare.

So the obvious main advantage of staking your coins is gaining the interest, the next best advantage is it makes it impossible to panic sell if you plan on hodling…

So with this combination, it has potential to be a nice earner.

Let’s say for the example : I have 0.25btc valued at $10650 today ($42600 / 4) and 1 btc will be valued at a conservative $200k in 10 years time.

In 10 years I will have $50k (200k X 0.25).
(Me in future: “fuck, why didn’t I buy more).

The best deal I can find is 6.5%APY on cdc for 3 month periods.
*So for the example we will have to assume the rate stays the same for the 10 years.

If I compound my interest gained every 3months and restake for 10 years (40 X 3 month periods) I will have….*quick maths…
0.465btc. Wow.

So after 10 years of staking I will have $93,000($200k X 0.465) instead of $50,000 if I didn’t stake.
*me still in 10 years :”fuck, why didn’t I buy more”.

My conclusion:

I’m aware of the “not your keys, not your wife theory” but the reward outweighs the risk in my opinion. Staking is the way to go for me.

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32 thoughts on “To stake or not to stake… let’s compare.”

  1. You can’t “stake” BTC. What you are doing is lending.

    You can stake wBTC tokens along with another asset in a LP using DeFi though but that’s a whole different ball game.

  2. I like staking the coins I don’t have a lot of. So at the end of the term I get like 25 cents 😂. I don’t know why, it just brings me joy

  3. LENDING is the way to go w/ BTC. Too high for me to buy at these prices since I bought in 2017, but CeFi platforms are the way to go – Celsiu, Hodlnaut,, Haru

  4. Haven’t even been tempted to day trade since I started staking. My staking record is definitely looking better than my day trading record. Hell, I’d feel more comfortable sharing my browser history with people than my trading history…

  5. Can someone fill me in on the risks or cons of staking? From what I understand these stable coins are tied to the dollar so you can’t lose your initial investment, and the interest rates on some of them are as high as 20%. Seems like the you might as well say fuck the banks and start using these as savings account instead.

    But it all seems too good to be true. What are the risks and downsides?

  6. In case you weren’t aware, FTX app (not pro, the blockfolio one) has 8% APY on your entire portfolio for the first 10k usd and 5% APY thereafter. No lock-up periods and free withdrawals from the app. They don’t support many popular coins on this sub like ADA but they do have BTC and ETH.

  7. If you’re not staking but you’re planning to hold you’re missing out.

    I believe Celsius and some other places offer even higher returns on BTC. Ultimately depending on what you’re holding, different places are going to offer different returns.

  8. Most of my staking is thru my ledger metamask. I find no reason to not do it since there are no plans of selling anytime soon. More to sell after price appreciation is a good thing.

  9. You can stake for way more percents than that fyi. I’m currently getting around 1% of my fund in rewards daily from staking and liquidity pools.

  10. Staking is a good mechanism developed in our Crypto space. I waiting for more so, we could fix the money problem in our society.

  11. I have staked a portion of my bags on 3 platforms. Diversify or die. But, most of my shit is still tucked away safe in a hardware wallet, no staking solution is 100% safe what a fucking waste of missed opportunity. When it is 100% safe, and when someone brings it out and become multi billionaires, then thats the shit I will be all in on.

    The future is bright, I will live off the yield, the man will kiss my rosy red ass while I sip bourbon from the balcony of my penthouse sitting on my rosy red ass.

  12. Stake ADA in your own wallet, its securely off exchange and risk free as the coins never leave your custody. No lock-in though, which for you seems to be a negative, but most people see as a positive.

    You can then get additional tokens in ISPOs.

  13. You are not staking Bitcoin but lending it. For all the people that want to dive into this be aware that it is not completely risk less but I’ve been using various CeFi platforms and they have all been good so far!

  14. This isn`t a thing to compare or debate about. Staking obvious is far better than allowing your token to lay fallow doing nothing. I stake my AXL which is built on both BSC and ETH and earn passively , coupled with the fact that i get whitelisted for the future launchpad they hold. Staking is the way to go for me also

  15. I’ve been wanting to stake for the longest time but I just don’t like the idea of my funds being frozen in one place. It would be nice to have one app that can give you access to basically everything, not needing to jump from platform to platform.


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