Time to just let em go?

Hey all!

I have three coins I’m thinking i should have just sold a long time ago.




I threw a hundred bucks a piece in them from some of the profit i made from some scrap yard runs, so it’s not like they cost me anything out of my paycheck.

At one point a couple were doubled, and one was up an ok amount, probably should have sold then.

But they’ve been basically dead for a while now, was thinking it’s probably time to sell em at a loss and just get rid of em.

Anyone else hold any of these? Also down a bunch? Thoughts?

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24 thoughts on “Time to just let em go?”

  1. You obviously bought them as moonshots, bear market or not, that hasn’t changed. I’d say hodl your moonshots to rags or riches

  2. Look at these worthless coins you have…

    No one here knows what will happen in the coming years…

    Start buying other coins like BTC _ eth matic etc

    Deja que las monedas que tienes se queden en tu monedero, nada es predecible

  3. I’ve got a few worthless stacks…. including my 13 full price purchase Lunas on Gemini sitting there worth zilch lol

    Not worth converting really

  4. If the team behind the coins is still around, and you kept insignificant money in them – i’d say HODL.

    If not, sell

  5. Put me in the basket with the other “havent heard of them”. Personally i got out of much more reputable alts than that a decent time ago and will wait til the time comes again

  6. Granted I’ve had a few drinks, but I first read this as DONT TELL, WINK..like the neighborhood “uncle” that has kids over….no thanks on all accounts. Lol

  7. Imo, you just buy and forget. I’m fully convinced I will check my portfolio in like 8 years and see 90% went to zero but the other ten percent enabled to retire

  8. I think just keep them. If you were willing to risk a few hundred on each… at this point, ride them to the bottom or to the moon. Fingers crossed it’s the latter. 2-3 years+ until you find out

  9. I consolidated some of my smaller holdings.

    More like a quality of life thing with them being in different places though. Less to manage.

  10. Held WINK for a while but had to let it go since it wasn’t performing well. I used the funds to invest in STARL, took profits, and held. I have it sitting in EEUR now [ a 100% backed stablecoin from the E-money] and waiting to deploy it during FLD’s TGE.

  11. What are they worth? If it’s a tiny amount, I’d just keep them in my wallet as a constant reminder to stay away from shitcoins. If you can get a decent amount from selling them, then I’d sell most and keep like one of each for that same reminder 🙂

  12. What kind of shitcoin inferno have you gotten yourself into,

    Sell, buy btc and eth and dont look back

    As a general rule, look to invest into well researched project you really believe in and can hodl through the bear

  13. I mean if you bought them when the price was higher, you are selling at a loss now when the entire market is down.

    If you dont need the money, just keep holding on to them in hopes you can get out breaking even or coming out ahead in the distance future. If you have lost all faith in these projects and want the spare in another, just dump em.

    I would setup a DCA where you are buying BTC/ETH/DOT/ADA as a separate side stack.


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