This tiny fact shows perfectly why one of the most important industries ever is prone to extreme chaos and nonsense.

EDIT: I’m not saying most people should deep dive into the tech. I’m saying that people who don’t understand the tech shouldn’t be playing “bigger fool” games over that tech (I’m not talking about hodling, I’m talking about active traders who, in their current proportions induce chaotic price behaviors that could have been avoided.)

[The fact](

Trading is important, but when it come to proportions you want more interest in technology rather then traders and not the other way around.

Randomly selected human: “Should I build something in the new world? Nah better play bigger fool games”. And that’s how you get google-link nft culture, all sorts of avoidable bubbles and FUD vulnerability. Well, unfortunately many people will suffer instead of prospering financially due to “””human nature”””.

I’m not saying “This or That is better for YOU”, I just know one thing. That this whole industry is life-breathed by a “handful of geeks” while constantly being judged as “bad/good”, “cheap/expensive” “will-survive/will-lose”, “some-layman’s-opinion/other-form-of-nonsense” by the vast majority who combined knows the least in the industry they create huge financial waves in.

Throwback to 2011. Silk road. Bitcoin despite being trackable is used as the darkweb currency because governments can’t control the transactions. Boom, crypto won, game over, can’t be practically stopped while in infancy. The rest of the events upto and including the present and the near\* future are miscellaneous from between when crypto won life to technological singularity. But who cares about that though? People care about “red graph sad meme green graph happy meme” and to out-trade their fellow men. I’m not trying to be inclusive, just to pass on my point, and maybe if a single person develops a more encompassing point of view due to this post then that’s awesome =)

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8 thoughts on “This tiny fact shows perfectly why one of the most important industries ever is prone to extreme chaos and nonsense.”

  1. Not everyone has the time and ability to be into the technology.
    It is hard to understand the stuff and most people just give up.
    If everyone understood bitcoin back in 2011 then more people would have accumulated back then.

  2. Not everyone needs to know the inner working of a software or a tech. That’s why there are developers who are the experts on the subject. Most people only need to know how to use it. You don’t see people talking about how the funds are being manipulated or how the credentials in bank accounts are verified, but almost everyone uses an online banking/payment app.

  3. And in other news, there are many more users of Windows than there are developers working on it. Same for Linux. And there are many more people driving Ford cars than there are Engineers designing them. If it were the other way around, that would be a seriously bad sign for that particular crypto – no adoption.

  4. The fact that more people like ethereum trading and crypto memes than care about developing on the network is something you criticize? Don’t underestimate the power of fun.

    If people are constantly trading ETH, that’s a good thing for ETH. It means people are interested in the project. It shows developers their work is important. I mean, why would you develop for a project nobody want to use? It’d be pointless. You develop where the people are at.

    The fact there are 2m people who want to engage with ETH in a playful manner is a good thing


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