This sub needs to focus on Crypto and not Politics/World Events

I’ll admit, I haven’t been in the Crypto world for very long, but when I joined this sub I really enjoyed learning (albeit mostly biased) about different coins, projects, and opinions and perspectives different people had about the world of Crypto. I feel like I learned a lot in a short amount of time and have been enjoying it. But lately this sub has been infiltrated with non-stop posts that have nothing to do with Crypto and everything to do with pitting people against each other based on their opinions over politics and world events. Yes, I’m aware that all of these things move the price, but there’s other places to discuss them, this sub isn’t focused on crypto anymore.

I’d much prefer 1000 shill posts over any posts about the Canadian Government, Russia Government, Covid, Truckers, etc. and just generally anything that pits the right against the left which can be done in many other subs other than this one. Can we get back to shitting on the shit coins, dealing doses of hopium, and just HODL’ing in general?


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11 thoughts on “This sub needs to focus on Crypto and not Politics/World Events”

  1. You can’t ignore reality, whether any of us like it or not what’s happening in the world impacts crypto.

    Maybe this can be a time we can all reflect on how we can be more supportive of each other while in some places people are being bombed.

  2. This war tension has been building for a while, and a lot of people (including me) are sort of invested (with our time, I mean) into this crisis. So it’s natural people want to discuss it everywhere.

    Also, most of other events you mention did have implication on price. Crypto has become entwined with global markets and every news affects it.

    But I agree with you. We should be panicking about the crash here.

  3. are you saying political and world event has nothing to do with crypto? And you said you learned a lot, you’re high.

    World event such as war, politic, government has everything to do with cryptocurrency.

    If you only want to discuss about crypto/blockchain technology. This is not the subs for you.


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