This right now is peak crypto. You should learn to live with it, not fight it.

Crypto is once again in complete bear vs bull mode currently. A week ago we were in recovery mode and hoping for major Uptrends. Well now we are just hoping we won’t get any major drop down to 35k or so.

That’s crypto as it always was and is. Some minor changes but that’s it. We are always in the fight between bull and bear. Even at 69k a bear market can suddenly happen as last time. It’s always uncertain and no high mathematical patterns can change that.

But that’s also the fun. Being in a normal stock market is boring you get like 1%-/+ max. This Rollercoaster ride may be scary but as always you will feel Hella good once the rollercoaster ends. Or you are the top having the best sight.

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25 thoughts on “This right now is peak crypto. You should learn to live with it, not fight it.”

  1. I’m just staking on DeFi with a mix of stables, Level ones, and shitcoins. Tired of flipping, following trends, blah-blah.

    Long term, thus should be a winning strategy.


  2. Agree ill rather be on a +/- 35% roller coaster in crypto than the 1% in stock market, extreme happiness and extreme disappointment sounds cool to me 🙂

  3. Don’t really agree with the “in the stock market you get like 1% max” part.

    In the stock market I usually get -10 to – 15%.

  4. depends on your definition of peak and coin. the peak for return on investment for BTC and ETH has definingly peaked but still a really investment in my opinion, so more like a localized buying oppurtunity?

  5. It’s important to don’t fight the FUD. You won’t win. Same as fighting the hype.

    It doesn’t matter how many rants were written about DOGE. It was just a waste of time.

    Embrace crypto, don’t fight it. Do whatever let you sleep

  6. >Crypto is once again in complete bear vs bull mode currently.

    What does that mean exactly? I believe I understand bear and bull separately but “complete bear vs bull mode”?


  7. I’ve been on the roller coaster since 2020, many times I should have taken profit. The next time we get to 60k, I am taking a break.

  8. Allways gonna be an uphill battle

    Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose

    Ain’t about how fast i get there

    Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side


  9. Couldn’t agree more, the market is always ripe for the picking in any season. Accept the nervousness that comes with being part of it and adapt. I’ve been going through launchpads like solanaprime since they offer a safer more trusted first hand dive in to a variety of great startups, so I’ve been looking to invest in something new. Always do your research and have patience in any market

  10. I mean, you’re not wrong. But it’s not a great advert is it.

    If this is what it’s all about, if this is the “peak”, then it’s not really the saviour of the world.

    Is this really something to bet large amounts of your hard earned money on?

    No thanks.

  11. That’s why I’m thinking I’ll HODL to my current crypto portfolio for a while, until the risks become unacceptably low (eg, I’m in a situation where I need fiat or some other currency RIGHT NOW)


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