This dude made an alternative Reddit on a blockchain. Crazy

I’ve accidentally found out about this guy a few days ago and it’s quite mind blowing. 

**Developer called Esteban Abaora has developed a serverless, adminless and decentralized Reddit alternative that will run on a blockchain kind of system (** it will actually use “public key based addressing” and a peer-to-peer pubsub network.**)** 

**Pretty crazy stuff right?!**

Developer believes that this design would solve the problems of a serverless, adminless decentralized Reddit alternative. It would allow unlimited amounts of subplebbits, users, posts, comments and votes. This is achieved by not caring about the order or availability of old data. It would allow users to post for free using an identical Reddit interface. It would allow subplebbit owners to moderate spam semi-automatically using their own captcha service over peer-to-peer pubsub. It would allow for all features that make Reddit addictive: upvotes, replies, notifications, awards, and a chance to make the “front page”. 

Finally, it would allow the Plebbit client developers to serve an unlimited amount of users, without any server, legal, advertising or moderation infrastructure.


What do you think? Im really surprised by the way he is planning this to work. Its neither DAG nor traditional blockchain. I’m intrigued. Now your posts could live on forever! 

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25 thoughts on “This dude made an alternative Reddit on a blockchain. Crazy”

  1. > I’ve accidentally found out about this guy a few days ago and it’s quite mind blowing.

    You mean you got mentioned by someone trying to qualify for the airdrop?


  2. >We propose solving the data problem ***by not using a blockchain***, but rather “public key based addressing” and a peer-to-peer pubsub network.

    Damn OP you gotta work on your titles.

  3. Nice, child porn that can never be deleted and will automatically be on your hard drives if you decide to run a node yourself.

  4. Did you even read the whitepaper?


    >A blockchain or even a DAG is unnecessary

    The project doesn’t have anything to do with cryptocurrency or even blockchain technology. It’s P2P. Why are you posting this here?

  5. The entire world of dApps in itself is crazy. For any developers interested in Web3. Polygon has a ton of workshops and hackathons where you build things with people. It’s a good way to learn how all of this works. Even if you don’t plan to develop.

  6. > Subplebbit owner starts a Plebbit client “node” on his desktop or server. It must be always online to serve content to his users.

    That’s not very decentralized through.

  7. So, every post, comment, and reply would be permanently available on their version of a Blockchain? That’s gonna be a no from me, dawg.


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