Thinking of putting my normal monthly investments into USDCoin @ 9% interest for now, while we experience a potential recession. Thoughts?

I’ve been investing my weekly paycheck into Edelman Financial Engines, which is a financial advisor. Maxing out Roth IRA and the rest into index funds. I worked hard and invest about $20k last year, and I’m at a few thousand dollar loss.

I feel like I should just take that money and put it into Voyager with USDCoin that pays out 9% APR instead. Seems like much less risk vs the stock market crashing, plus the price doesn’t fluctuate like other cryptos.

I’m getting married in 2 years, and we’d like to buy a house. With the amount I can put into this weekly – about $1,250, the interest alone would cover what I planned to spend on my wedding. Then I’d use the rest as a down payment on the house.

Am I crazy? Does anyone have a better strategy?

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11 thoughts on “Thinking of putting my normal monthly investments into USDCoin @ 9% interest for now, while we experience a potential recession. Thoughts?”

  1. As a previous user of voyager, I would go to another platform. Voyager has high withdrawal fees and takes forever. Plus customer service is almost nonexistent. Using Crypto. Com now, no fees for direct deposits, and earns 10% on USDC ($250 min)

  2. If that was my plan, at least until there’s a little more upward movement in the market, I’d put it into UST and deposit it on Anchor. 19.5% currently.

  3. Do not put all of your money into a stable coin. There is zero risk free way to pay out 9%. There is a very real possibility that whatever stable coin you choose will go to 0. You’re better off choosing a crypto you like and staking.

    Unless you’re in some crazy country where their fiat is having staggering inflation the risk is not worth 9% yield (before anyone says the US is experiencing inflation these are pegged to usd so stable coin will experience the same inflation)

  4. Everyone has different risk levels. I don’t know that you should put all of it into a stable coin. Maybe just a certain percentage. I’ve been earning a nice passive income putting some of my savings into stables & lending on Celsius, Hodlnaut,, & Stablegains – 8.5-19% APY

  5. What is your goal?

    Without a stated goal it’s impossible for anyone here to tell you what a good strategy would be. I can tell you that taking advantage of stablecoin yield is a great way to preserve wealth without subjecting it to market fluctuations. These rates won’t be around forever so it’s a smart move for some people. What I can’t tell you is if market fluctuations should even scare you because I don’t know your plan/goal.

    For example, my strategy is long-to-medium-term, so short-term market fluctuations don’t scare me. As such, having a high percentage of my crypto portfolio tied up in stablecoins just to get 10% APY doesn’t fit into my strategy where I get vastly superior returns year-over-year by buying and holding top projects.

  6. Am I the only one that feels like poor fucking schlub reading the fact that he’s investing
    $1,250 WEEKLY?! Over a year, that’s like 90% of my salary.


    OP how much fucking money do you make? Jesus Christ


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