There is no recession in Ba Sing Se…

As many of us dumb people would have thought that the basic economical definition of recession that is widely used from every economist, that two consecutive negative GDP quarters are a recession, would now happen. Little did we know that we are not a recession at all guys, why? Because the US government is seemingly just changing the definition of recession and with that all out problems just magically disappeared.

But seriously, changing the definition does not change the situation. Those are now just blatant lies to the public. We are still in just as much of a bad situation for Crypto markets as before, GDP will be negative for a lot of more quarters to come and how often will they just change the definition? Don’t try to make your trades based on political games.

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10 thoughts on “There is no recession in Ba Sing Se…”

  1. So you know in the television shows like ER when the dictor says time of death 10:19? If the doctor doesn’t declare a time of death then you technically never died.

    This is how zombies got started, one doctor forgot to declare the patient dead.

  2. A recession is not a de facto “bad thing”. Under specific economic conditions, a recession may be necessary to prevent runaway inflation.

  3. When doctors told me that I had cancer, I just changed the definition of cancer to “a beneficial growth that causes a person to become cooler and more fuckable.”

    Problem solved. Only thing left to do sit back and let the ladies swoon over this mega-cool cat. /s

  4. I find it both hilarious and scary that you can compare situation in Ba Sing Se to real, modern world. Avatar is really a great show. And what american government do is terrible, they changed definition of inflation too in 1980’s . That is one of their favourite strategies.

  5. Economics is not a hard science. It’s a soft science, meaning it lacks objectivity to a certain extent and in certain areas, compared to traditional sciences like physics. Terms and definitions can adapt and change because humans adapt and change and humans are a large factor of economics.


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