Theory about past crypto bull market the past year !!

No h8 just a theory … have you guys ever thought that the only reason why crypto had massive highs in 1 year was due to the fact that we all had stimulus payments that we dumped into the market and now that it has stoped we won’t reach ATH any time soon ???

I just don’t see us going up anytime soon with all this negative news about recession, cost of living , war , interest rates going up . I think ppl don’t have the money to dump into the market as of now and many ppl have bought high sold low.

I will still DCA at major drop offs till we see a turn around but my capital of 25k is now 17.5k and all my profits (14k) have burnt away as I never took profit … didn’t know we would be dropping like this tbh

Opinions plz

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15 thoughts on “Theory about past crypto bull market the past year !!”

  1. Have you thought that despite war recession looming and all the bad news nothing is crashing? Sure we lost some value. But this is a crab market. I think it will be ok.

    Stocks are ok. Real estate is ok. Gold is still ok. Demand in other markers is not fading.

    This is a bad time for the crypto cycle. Everything goes up during the year after the halving. Just hold for more than 4 years until the next bitcoin halving rally.

    TL;DR be patient until next halving

  2. Yeah it’s because around 300 million Americans put their stimulus checks and no one from the other countries invested anything

  3. Why you guys think you are at the center of the world all the time.? Yes you Americans.
    You guys think that you are the only ones in whole crypto world.
    Anyway enjoy it.

  4. Big recession incoming as Interest rates rise and inflation gets out of control. Crypto may not be impacted as much as other markets, or it may cop it harder. If you’re bullish long term it’s best to dca

  5. We will see a lot of red in the upcoming months and maybe years. You either cut your losses by selling or treat this as an opportunity to average down and continue to DCA. Since I’m not overinvested I will continue to accumulate calmly waiting for the next bull market.


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