The ultimate guide to passively earning CRO

Yesterday, I published my strategy for passively earning CRO on r/Crypto_com. The article got a lot of attention, so I decided to share it here as well. [You can read it here](

The article covers 3 ways to accumulate CRO and each section has a TL;DR if you don’t want to read the whole thing. However, I advise you to since I cover some of the “traps” everyone should know about, such as the cost to upgrade your card, how to prevent diamonds from missions to expire or how to manage DeFi rewards.

Hope you enjoy it and let me know if I missed anything to amend the article. I’d also appreciate if you could follow me for more crypto articles.

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  1. Also, you can use other (any?) Cosmos Hub wallets to hold/stake CRO on the []( chain. (I use Keplr for CRO, ATOM, OSMO, and a few others.) Right now it’s showing as high as 14.84% APY, which is consistent with what I’m getting.

  2. *Saving click:*

    * **Cashback**
    . TL;DR: Skip the free Blue 1% card. Get the 2% Ruby Visa card or the 3% Jade Green/Royal Indigo Visa card if you can afford it. Use the card on all your purchases.

    * **Staking CRO in the DeFi Wallet**
    .TL;DR: Transfer all your extra CRO to the DeFi wallet and stake it immediately. Beware of the 28-day unbonding period if you have plans for your CRO.

    * **Missions**. TL;DR: Log in daily and complete your missions.

  3. Nice write up. There’s an s too many in the paragraph explaining the 28-day hold however which completely reverses the meaning of the sentence.

  4. I have a question regarding curve.

    I own a credit card from my company and spend like 500€ every month on amazon for stuff we need. How will the payment look like if I add the company card to curve? Will the bill still says that I paid normally with the card? Do you think i could run into any issues? Do I just normally pay with the card on amazon and then it get tracked through curve and gives me the cashback? Thank you!

  5. tldr: stake with cc anything leftover move to the defi wallet and stake there for 12%. Word of advice make sure to study the validators: check to how much commission they take – this can cut into your earnings by a lot, look for high uptime, whether they are active and how much of their own money they have staked.

    check the validators here,

  6. Good write up and information . I have been thinking about getting one and this article gives more reason to since wifey loves her netflix and spotify .

  7. When you say pay everything on Curve with that “everything” does include the kind of payments that are not included in the cash back rewards for the CRO Visa cards?

  8. So I don’t know much about CDC but have been wanting to look into opening an account with them and get away from Coinbase. What is the purpose/advantage of using Curve then going back and topping up the CDC card opposed to just using the CDC card?


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