The next stable coin is crashed!

The next stable coin is crashed.

## Neutrino USD

Neutrino USD is crashed to 0,77 USD that is nealy a 20% crash on this stable coin.

Neutrino is an algorithmic price-stable assetization protocol acting as an accessible DeFi toolkit. It enables the creation of stablecoins pegged to specific real-world assets, such as national currencies or commodities.


This coin “only” have a market cap of **$721,922,721 and is not listet on major exchanges.**

I dont think it will have much impact but its important to say that stable coins not stable at all.

Be carefull.

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28 thoughts on “The next stable coin is crashed!”

  1. Next thing we know USD itself is gonna depeg lol.

    Oh wait, we’ve been printing money non-fucking stop for the last year, that’s already happened with ridiculous levels of inflation.

  2. USDT Isn’t, Busd also dropped under 1$ slightly. This happens when people are cashing out. Also Dai and USDC just hit $1.01 maybe people are switching stable coins?

  3. Incredibly bearish how many people in this sub still don’t have the slightest clue how markets work and what the difference between an algorithmic and collateralized stablecoin are. Tether could be collateralized by $100 per USDT and e. g. USDT/USDC could still trade at $0.9 if enough people sold USDT for USDC under certain circumstances. This doesn’t mean that USDT has de-pegged, as long as you can still exchange 1 USDT for 1 USD through the issuer.

    I’m not saying that there aren’t good reasons to be very wary about the way Tether is managed but just looking at snapshots of stablecoin pairs on the open market and trying to stir up hysteria about supposed de-pegging of USDT is complete bs.


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