The metaverse is just a reflection of a 15K year old game – with the chance to rewrite the rules.

IMO, the metaverse isn’t a fundamental shift in reality. The shift happened 15k years ago when we invented boundaries between what’s mine and what’s yours.

The natural incentive to protect tribe and family was replaced with the drive to own more – gamifying societal structure into what we now call the rat race.

The blockchain gives us the ability to draw new boundaries in virtual worlds.

But this time, it promises to disrupt ownership monopolies if we favor decentralized models over centralized ones.

The metaverse will simply be a digital reflection of the direction we choose.

And whether they know it or not, gamers, crypto natives, and institutions in GameFi are all debating the types of social incentives and economic models that will govern this digital landscape.

I’m not a big gammer, but I’m starting to pay close attention to what people are building. Some of it is cool and some of it is dystopic. If automation is going to send all our jobs to the metaverse, let’s not let Zuckerberg or any other start-up guru be our boss.

**

[No Longer Nomads: The History of Real Estate](

“The ruling class recognized land ownership as a way to hold onto and increase its power and wealth.”

[Can GameFi Still Unlock the Metaverse?](

“The metaverse is an infinitely scaling virtual space with its own digital economy, but is fundamentally about the gamification of social interaction. – a gaming-first play-and-earn model could offer the social foundation for that interconnected reality.”

[Level 8: Sustainable Web3 Game Economies is a Cursed Problem](

“Sustainable game economies are the wrong goal to have. Long-lived games is the reframe we need.”

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14 thoughts on “The metaverse is just a reflection of a 15K year old game – with the chance to rewrite the rules.”

  1. I don’t see how it will disrupt ownership monopolies, honestly. Those with the most $ will continue to have the most ownership. The difference is (hopefully) corruption will be more difficult due to decentralisation.

  2. I think the direction is already being chosen. It’s very unlikely that whatever the metaverse turns into will be decentralized to any significant degree. The billions of dollars that are being thrown around by Meta, a16z, etc. aren’t being thrown out there to altruistically create a decentralized utopia. They’re trying to move early to set the standard for what the metaverse will become, so that they can drain money from it.

    Or to put it slightly differently – there will be a million metaverses, but the ones that get widely used will be the ones backed by a shit ton of money. And they’ll be used to make them even more shit tons of money.

  3. I remember in grade school reading a text book about cave men hunting, forging and playing decentraland. The graphics weren’t much better back then.

  4. I just hate the concept of “Metaverse”. It’s no different than what video games already offer. We are just trying to cram Crypto into it for whatever reason by using a fancy word for it.

    Bonus: every single metaverse project out there is unusable garbage.

  5. I’m not into gaming either, but I’m into travel, concerts, sports, museums and fun events that bring people together. I’m hoping the metaverse offers immersive activities that I couldn’t otherwise do easily or cheaply.

  6. He very name metaverse originates from a dystopian sci fi novel. There is nothing of value in web3 atm, and it yet remains to be seen if there ever will be.


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