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Hello all, I am admittedly a complete noob with respect to the metaverse, but wanted to learn a bit more just to understand it and to be able to give proper value to the projects that are out there. While searching online I found out a very nice 4-series column by Loup ventures.

I really recommend to read it if you wish to learn a bit more:

Part I: [Metaverse Overview & Tour](

Part II: [Why the Metaverse Matters](

Part III: [Metaverse Economics](

Part IV: [Metaverse Challenges](

After reading it I am way more bullish than before (I basically had 0 faith on something coming out of the metaverse-related projects). Also, I would like to ask to more experienced members of this group any inputs with respect to the metaverse and/or feedback on the column. Thank you in advance!

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9 thoughts on “The Metaverse Explained”

  1. Metaverse is super lame right now. Decentraland is like the first sega genesis games in the early 90’s. Until these companies have created virtual reality headsets for people to actually walk around in these “metaverses” to shop, socalize, and do things it’s gonna be a doozy.

    The way I see it is this…. The companies within crypto that are creating their “metaverses” are most likely not going to be the “metaverses” that include virtual reality experiences in the future. Sadly, it’s going to be Facebook, Apple, Google, and/or other private companies. I really do not want that, but they are the ones with funds, resources, and investments to create a real metaverse. Does decentraland and sandbox look like they have the potential to develop into the real deal metaverse lol? That being said, the crytpo companies involved in this right now likely will not be the mainstream “metaverses” we use in the future. I would be absolutely shocked if they had any value. So investing in any of these crypto metaverse companies/tokens is a dead end. Buying real estate in them will be worthless. That’s my take.

  2. The Metaverse $$ –

    Do I want a real hooker & blow or a virtual hooker & blow cause they’re both gonna cost $$.


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