The Market Takes a 360 Turn and Turns Bullish

The unknown of today brothers, is because today the crypto market has taken a 360 turn and has become so green if we have not yet finished the bear market, or will it be that we have already hit rock bottom or maybe not and this is a false rise, many times the crypto market gives surprises and very good surprises, or could it be that the Proof of stake of Ethereum is already around the corner, today many unknowns have arisen in my head that have come to confuse me From our own experience or it will be that the whales are trying to play dirty with us and we will have to be cautious.

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27 thoughts on “The Market Takes a 360 Turn and Turns Bullish”

  1. But for how long? That´s the question. I like all this green though, was a nice surprise when I came home from work

  2. Plot twist. OP really did mean 360 as market is bearish, turns 180 bullish for a couple days and then turns 180 again to bearish.


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