The market is red, your investments are down so get your mind off of the losses and come enjoy a game of Gods Unchained.

> Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game that **takes some of the best features from** ***Hearthstone,*** **but has a unique mana system and an original favor feature**. It allows you to earn cards and trinkets, which you can then sell on the marketplace. NFTs are stored on the **Ethereum** and **Immutable-X** blockchains. The game is available only for **Windows.**

Take this time to earn some NFT’s in the form of Trading cards that are going up in value and at the same time enjoy playing a game to distract yourself from the crypto winter before us.

Gods Unchained is a play to earn game, completely free to play and advance at your own pace.

I know some of you think NFT’s are stupid but they work great for a trading card games, you actually own your cards and can easily sell, trade and buy cards on the Immutable-X market place.

you can start playing today and start earning cards today.

# Roadmap



# Mobile coming soon

### What can we expect to see from the game?

There’s a lot to come with the game, but in order not to ruin the gaming experience achieved through the likes of future expansion sets (e.g. new NFT card sets, we can’t disclose many details. But here’s a high-level overview of what we’re working on.

* **Mobile game release:** We have an internal team designing and building out a mobile version of Gods Unchained to ease the barrier of entry by allowing the game to be played on the go. Our first touchstone is to get a playable alpha out this year. Our hope is to deliver the first access to our players in the first half of next year, with a wider alpha sometime in the second half of the year.
* **Expanding the game:** We have a heap of new cards coming out early this year with a refresh of our main card set: the Core set (a set is a collection of cards). We also have brand new NFT expansion sets in the works, alongside new game functionalities, items, and modes. To tie these developments all together, the team is also hard at work improving the new player onboarding experience. This will make it easier for anyone and everyone to join Gods Unchained and get playing.




# It’s Time to Duel!


If any of you decide to play and are up for a challenge let me know, Direct challenges are available and it would be fun to play some of you on this sub.

TLDR: play Gods Unchained to distract yourself during crypto winter.

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27 thoughts on “The market is red, your investments are down so get your mind off of the losses and come enjoy a game of Gods Unchained.”

  1. Damn, this guy literally mastered the art of shilling and it’s better than those gaming ads out there.

    Let’s play Gods Unchained let’s go!

  2. Yes! I love Gods Unchained! I’ve been playing since March and It’s awesome! Sure, there are bugs and it’s still in “Beta” but it’s fun AF and you can earn from playing. You can sell every card you get and keep the Eth and eventually sell it if you want, or you can use your gains to buy other cards for the game from other players, or buy packs from the company. I love that you actually have that choice unlike most other TCGs. See you in the arena!

  3. Really good game, and its the way I am not a type of a guy who plays card games.

    the only issue is since being on ETH you need to make some money before withdrawing money you earned.

    That is why I liked CryptoRoyale, being on Harmony network the transaction fees are almost non existent

  4. Actually really loved this game tbh. I havn’t played enough though to earn anything from it but don’t really care tbh. It’s what crypto gaming should be in my mind. Fun first and a good quality game, then the coins as a bonus.

  5. Just casually browsing reddit and I see this. I read “market is red” and I’m already like yeah yeah one of these posts again blaablaa.

    Then read the rest, wait what Gods Unchained??? Let’s go quality shilling! 😀

    I’ll try be 100% honest and non-biased.

    GU has some growing pains. The founder expansion cards are pretty low supply. Then we see a huge influx in players driving those prices to the moon. Now it can feel pretty unfair when there are +70% winrate decks out there that pretty much require very expensive cards to work.

    However!! There are very good f2p / low budget decks that can really compete with these. I’ve managed 80-90% winrates during the most competitive time (the weekend ranked). It is very possible. The best part about low budget decks is that the game is play-2-earn. You can earn those decks. Just yesterday there was a post of a player who managed to get the latest expansion 100% collection completely free-2-play. It took him roughly 3 months, not too bad. And you could always get lucky and get some good diamond shine card. It could be any pack. Roughly 1/100 packs has 1 diamond.

    Also back to the unfair genesis expansion. New expansions are coming all the time. I think there are 2-3 expansions mentioned in the road map. Also core set (free cards) is also getting an expansion very soon. In the future individual genesis cards will lose importance. There will be more ways around certain cards and more new decks that compete with those decks.

    My part of the shilling starts here: To me GU is a no-brainer right now. Free-2-play to earn **Limited edition cards.** You might only make 5$ a week, you could already make 50-100$ a week but the thing is those cards you earn might be very scarce in the future. IMX is huge right now with the latest news with GME and such. GU is IMX’s flagship game. All GU assets will be in the new GME marketplace. Again to me getting GU cards is a no-brainer right now ^.

  6. People who actually enjoy card games and know how play them are making good money with this game but it requires skills, patience and time which only people passionate about the game can do.

    Sadly, I don’t even understand how card games work, LoL.

  7. So can you transfer the NFTs you earn to your MetaMask wallet? Or are you required to connect a wallet to play the game? I’m interested!

  8. I see this game getting a lot of love, but I really did not enjoy it when I tried it out. I’ve played MTG since the 90s, MTGA, Hearthstone and Gwent and I just could not get into it. What am I missing?

  9. I’ve been playing for a few months now. Really wish I played when I first heard about it because of the airdrops but I’ve made a few hundred bucks in cards and mostly have a really good time casually playing.

  10. Hey Odlavso, Cheers for the post.

    I started playing God’s and then stopped a while back. Looking to get going again after this post!

    Just curious, In terms of sales, have you sold any cards on the IMX marketplace? Is it actually worth it?

    I just ask because after playing Clash for sometime, you end up with a few cents and all in all its just a fun mini game, not really any financial aspect to it.

  11. This game is actually incredibly fun. Anyone who enjoys gaming should give it a shot. As someone who played original Pokémon and not touched a card game like that since, it’s been a nostalgic ride.


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