The longer you are in crypto, the less you care about the prices.

Just about roughly a year ago I entered crypto. And to be honest as most I just went in for money, to get rich quick. Back then I did not knew shit about what crypto actually is. The most I knew was that crypto is a payment system that is kind of anti government (decentralized).

Over that one year I went from dumb to well still dumb but knowledge about crypto person. As there are not many who know much about crypto yet just as I one year ago, I’m finally good at something.

You will gather a lot of knowledge about crypto in just a very small time, eventhough it’s pretty complex all you will want to do it as it either actually interests you or you just think it should interest you.

With time going the knowledge is going to expand and you will know what crypto is about. And if you support that idea you won’t care about short term prices anymore. The only thing you would want is that crypto becomes even more successful, more known.

So it’s all going shift from money to knowledge, from short term to long term.

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46 thoughts on “The longer you are in crypto, the less you care about the prices.”

  1. When I first got into it I used to track prices all the time, always checking the charts.

    Now I barely track them, I just keep DCAing in and check it once or twice a week,. It’s so much better this way, way less stress

  2. 2016 represent. I care more about red than green at this point. Gimme those cheap sats. But god damn is it hard seeing what 10k buys after having your first btc purchase be sub 1k. It’s fucking rough.

  3. The longer you are in crypto , the more you die inside . Resulting in being numb and not caring about anything including **the prices**.

  4. I’ve entered “video game mode” where I just want to acquire as much as I can. Staking, P2E and all the other “free” ways to earn crypto have made me almost forget about charts.

  5. I realized that about myself too, I got into crypto as a wide-eyed naive dummy looking to profit off the crazy hype in 2017/18, and when the dust settled, I ignored it and accepted that I just made a dumb investment decision.

    But starting in early 2020, I got back into actually researching it and I started understanding what truly makes it so revolutionary and fascinating. I now invest in projects that I believe in long-term without giving a damn what the price is. If it goes up, meh i don’t really care because of the volatile nature in these early stages. But when there’s a massive drop, I actually look at these situations as opportunities now instead of worry and panic.

  6. 4.5 years in the game. Felt like an eternity when I first started out and planned to hold for five years but now seems like it was just last week starting on this road. Its true, the longer you hold the easier it gets. It really does. If you could buy now and go into a coma for five years, wake up, and see where you’re at that would be the mindset to have for crypto.

    But entering a state of zen when the markets are crashing, that requires immense will power. Its very difficult to do. Your hands do indeed become diamonds the longer they hold crypto.

  7. Does nobody find it funny that the old generation berate the younger gen by saying they waste their money buying starbucks coffee and avocado on toast instead of saving, and now that we invest in crypto they want to ban it?

  8. >So it’s all going shift from money to knowledge, from short term to long term.

    Heh, same here. Just in a shorter time frame.

    Tech shows great promise. Bad thing, we still have a long road ahead.

    Good thing, we still have a long road ahead.

    I still check the prices, but have become comfortably numb to both up and down.

  9. I have grown tremendously in wealth and knowledge in just one year of crypto!

    Emotionally, technical analysis skills, social media skills, building communities, learning to read the ETHscan BSCscan, finding good projects with utility!

    The more you know!

  10. Agree, until we’re back into the bull market. Then I’m checking prices every day and can’t stop myself. It’s like an addiction.

  11. Having full control over my money is worth more to me than a dollar value. What good is money if you need permission to spend it

  12. The longer I’m in Cosmos and Juno network, the more certain I am that my investments are sound regardless of current market conditions >>

  13. Been in Crypto since early 2017, I know I can’t be called a Crypto OG but I’ve spent probably 70% of my productive time between office and crypto with keeping up to date with the Cosmos ecosystems, with Terra, CRO, Thorchain, Osmosis one of the new and upcoming stood out the most to me and that is Juno Network.

    The more I learn about Juno its crazy to say I can’t find anything bearish about this project..

    I think the most bearish I could say is the < 1 cent transaction fee (this is how we do in Cosmos) for send/receive in Juno when it would be nice to have 0$ fee so people don’t get stuck with having not enough Juno for transacting.

  14. The longer I’m in crypto the longer I realize I need to keep going to work everyday to pay for my newest shit coin or nft. There’s no early retirement when there’s always the next thing to buy 😂

  15. crypto still a baby and noobies coming in. I remember in 2017 buying xrp for like 18 cents and looking at it every 5 mins and getting mad until finally realized these coins followed btc pattern. Ended up selling XRP and now investing in long term projects and forgetting about the prices. The noobies want to get rich quick, after all a lot of those stories is what attracted us to crypto to begin with so i don’t blame them but they eventually learn, the weak ones sell.


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