The incoming hyper inflation will create an extremely bullish cryptocurrency market – Kotaki Fund leaks

*”The incoming hyper inflation will create an extremely bullish cryptocurrency market which will attract more and more investors to join.”*

**source**: inferkit website

**A report from Kotaki Fund (the biggest Japanese HF) indicates that cryptocurrencies will rise to an unprecedented level of maturity during late 2022.**

A leaked internal memo from Kotaki Fund mentioned that the Presidency of Lanayru has drafted a plan for cryptocurrency adoption and that they are in contact with countries that have already being using cryptocurrencies.

It is also implied that an International Monetary Fund equivalent with cryptocurrency backings is in the works since early 2020 and that stock and crypto market already have a symbiotic relationship. Their funds have been spent for evaluating the situation in cryptocurrency and creating social-economic alliances.

This is a very positive sign to investors, the probability of Bitcoin to overtake more traditional currencies is very high in more and more countries. The leaks also imply that last year’s exits from traditional stock market investments (several executives have closed their positions) has something to do with ICF (International Cryptocurrency Fund).


The above post is a gibberish work of fiction with no ties to reality at all (at least not intended).

**If by reading it you felt reassured and confident in the future of CryptoCurrencies and your investment choices, you may have been a victim of confirmation bias.**

* **inferkit** (the mentioned source) is an AI – text generation site. It was partially used to create this gibberish text.
* **Kotaki** is the name of a train station in Japan
* **Lanayru** is a region in the video game Zelda Breath of the wild
* “**International Cryptocurrency Fund**” is a made up term (as far as I know)

**This was created as an educational example to showcase the danger of fake news and confirmation bias and not to bash CC.**

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28 thoughts on “The incoming hyper inflation will create an extremely bullish cryptocurrency market – Kotaki Fund leaks”

  1. > Kotaki is the name of a train station in Japan

    So what you’re saying is they named their train station after the largest hedge fund? Amazing and bullish.

  2. here’s the thing… 95% people will read the title and move on with a bunch of hopium whereas the other 5% actually read the whole thing and appreciate you… so I’m from the 3% who take hopium from the first half and caution from the second half. Now do the math if it doesn’t add up then ehhhhhhhhh

  3. We are at 6-7% with month-over-month inflation rates having peaked back in October and dropping off lower every month since. “Hypier-Inflation” is a great for fearmongering if your audience doesn’t have a clue other than the media’s barrage of their own fearmongering headlines.

    Edit: And that was my immediate reaction and I’m happy to find this was an educational post and not the actual bullshit I thought it appeared to be at first.

  4. So should I invest in Kotaki coin then op? I hear their trains are going to run on the Kotaki coin that also works for Japanese panty vending machines, big if true as Japan is currently one of the largest consumers of used panties!

  5. The widespread availability of GPT-3 makes these kinds of texts quite easy to generate. In fact, I expect a good deal of the highly upvoted comments in this subreddit are generated by artificial intelligence.

  6. It’s not whether you say something that is legit or not .it’s how you say it . Telling a lie with conviction will always sound truthful. Confidence is what sells lies .
    Well done OP


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