The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is now GREED (60) for the first time since November 16, 2021. Is this the return of the Bull Run?

We know what the numbers mean. It’s 60! 9 more and everyone would say nice.

It’s been 19 weeks or 133 days or 4.43 months since we got this bullish.

Let’s hope this momentum stays on course and not reverse course just when things are getting good.

The field is clear of FUD in my opinion if the war continues to trend to how it is.

If the world goes right for just a few days, we will be above 50k by Friday.

I think it’s safe to proclaim that this is your last chance to buy below 50k lol.

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34 thoughts on “The Crypto Fear and Greed Index is now GREED (60) for the first time since November 16, 2021. Is this the return of the Bull Run?”

  1. Feels kinda scary that it pumped so quickly. It makes me think it’s not stable, I feel like the whales are playing.

  2. Bitcoin needs to reclaim ATH to be in a bullmarket again, until then we are just reclaiming lost ground surely.

  3. “Last chance to buy under 50k” when we haven’t even broken 50k yet. I’m also bullish, but we shouldn’t get carried away

  4. Be careful. If the sentiment becomes too bullish a lot of longs will be placed and the market manipulated to rekk them

  5. That things gotta hit 100 for a few weeks before I’m selling.

    Things are finally starting to break even with a few things still down.

    Still got this feeling it’s all a trap and a big dump will happen in the next 48 hours with all the green over the last few days going down the toilet.

  6. I think this will hold up a little while, maybe trend up short term, but I expect it to form a sort of broad head and shoulders with the last two peaks at best before the winter sets in. General interest is down overall from last year based on scrapes of Twitter/Reddit + daily volume and increasing pressure on retail due to rate hikes, inflation concerns, and a slowing economy overall will push price downwards in the medium term. Cycles have been stretching their duration since the peaks at $20, $180, $1000, $17000, so I feel like this is just a last gasp of the prior bull run as opposed to a continuation. Long term I’m aiming at buy targets of $32-35k myself, I wouldn’t write off the possibility of $20-25k but that feels like wishful thinking more than an honest minimum. It’s rarely retracted below the previous runs ATH. I’m still convinced my 2015 prediction of $250k by 2030 will hold though, so still buying. Just DCA for now until I smell true despair.

  7. Things may fall to fear pretty fast. Goes up & down. Stay calm and do not take any “advice” from this sub. I sure did that last year and lost much 🤡

  8. Is this index EVER accurate? When price goes down, it’s fear, when up it’s greed. Why anyone at all would look at this?


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