The coinbase ad wasn’t just a QR-Code. It showed the simplicity of Crypto. That’s very important, especially for Crypto.

I see everyone here is having a good laugh over that coinbase ad and yeah I do also. Spending 16M for an ad and the just putting on a QR-Code for the site, something everyone had access to, seems like a meme that they made themselves. But it’s actually a lot more. It’s what crypto needs to most:


Showing just a QR code on a black screen. So already an ad we all could have made in minutes. Simple. You just have to scan that ad with your fun and boom you are all ready for Crypto trading. Or even investing in general as even that is seen and complicated.

Crypto is seen by most people as something over the top complicated tech thing. That’s a reputation that at the beginning is going to help but it won’t let mass adoption happen. Many people don’t trade crypto because they think it’s just too complicated.

And in today’s world people will just do what’s fast and easy to do. Making crypto have that reputation is going to help a LOT with mass adoption.

But obviously that does not change that coinbase was literally not capable of setting up more servers so that their site does not crash minutes later.

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27 thoughts on “The coinbase ad wasn’t just a QR-Code. It showed the simplicity of Crypto. That’s very important, especially for Crypto.”

  1. I’m always shocked when people are like “I sent crypto to the wrong address”.

    I never understood it given QR codes and just bog standard copy/paste that been on every computer since like 1981. People hand typing some 50 character Ethereum address rather than just highlight, copy, and paste is crazy to me.

  2. We’ll they didn’t have to spend 16M just to show me that. Restaurants already taught me the simplicity of a QR codes directing us to a menu. It’s that their site can’t handle the traffic and they won’t spend the money on that instead.

  3. It’s all fun and games until the QR code you scan ends up draining your wallet.

    As much as people beg for simplicity, it’s always good to keep your mind sharp and learn about what you’re doing and the risk involved. Whether it wallstreet, cryptocurrency, whatever in life.

    People need to learn the realistic expectations as well about this volatile space and how new it still is. There is so much to learn.

    Edit: One example, According to Parameter Security, once a user scans a malicious QR code, their phone allows a Trojan download, which is back-end malware that reports information back to the hackers’ servers. … QR hacking is just another type of phishing scam, so take the same precautions; if it doesn’t look or feel right, don’t scan it.

  4. The “crash” was probably intentional… It has been getting more attention than the add because “it shows how popular” Coinbase has become.

    It’s genius level marketing.

    (if it wasn’t because Coinbase crashes all the time lol)

  5. Not sure if that was the reasoning behind the ad. I think they did this because crypto has a negative connotation for many people. So a “standard” ad would’ve lead to many people sighing, and just ignoring the ad. The QR code played on people’s curiosity, and when they had reached the landing page, they were suddenly presented with an easy chance to earn a million Dollars.

    It’s genius, because many of those people who would’ve just sighed and ignored a standard ad probably ended up submitting their info, just to have a chance to earn the $1M.

  6. Why is everyone focusing on what coinbase spent? It’s not like they set the price. It’s the ridiculousness of the event. NFL and nbc are the ones setting air time prices.

  7. Simple is definitely the word I was thinking of when it took me over an hour to send my crypto from my wallet to an exchange that I rarely use because the one I usually use was down and then onto another exchange so that I could convert it to USD.

  8. They drew enough traffic to crash the site. Everyone’s talking about their commercial (and the crash) today. I don’t remember any other commercial.

    Money well spent.

    Hilarious they weren’t ready for success.

  9. Yes. We’ve had this discussion so many times that crypto is perceived as complicated by the non tech savvy folks. Good to see Coinbase boosting adoption.

  10. The easier the entry for general people the more people we would have in the space. The complexity factor entering crypto should be eliminated.

  11. Coinbase ad was a stain on crypto. You don’t make a Superbowl ad without having the capacity to handle the people that show interest.

    Great demonstration of the whole “false promises” agenda. Crypto haters could not have made a better ad. This will hurt in the long run

  12. My parents saw this ad. They have no idea what a QR code is, and neither does anyone else over 25 that’s not technology savvy.

  13. Personally I didn’t get the link from the QR code because it wouldn’t scan. Got it from the flash of the URL at the end of the ad.


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